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What is Andrew Zimmern Net Worth and Salary?

Andrew Zimmern, the American TV guy who cooks, writes about food, and teaches, has racked up a cool $14 million. You’ve probably seen him on “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” where he’s not only the face but also helped make the show happen and advises behind the scenes. He’s all about trying out weird and wonderful foods from around the world, and people can’t get enough of it.

Andrew Zimmern Salary

Andrew Zimmern pulls in $35,000 for every episode of “Bizarre Foods.” That’s some serious dough for chowing down on strange eats around the globe!

Who is Andrew Zimmern?

The $14 million total assets of American television character, gourmet expert, and food essayist Andrew Zimmern is verification of his extensive achievement. His show, “Odd Food sources with Andrew Zimmern,” is likely where you’ve seen him. He makes a cool $35,000 every episode there. His journey—from beating addiction to becoming a successful chef—is what truly shines through in his story.

Andrew Zimmern Biography

Andrew Zimmern, the well-known chef and host of “Bizarre Foods,” was born into a Jewish household in New York City on July 5, 1961. Before attending Vassar College, he attended Dalton School and grew up with his parents, Robert and Caren Zimmern.

Andrew has always loved to cook, and at the Age of 14, he enrolled in lessons to advance his culinary training. This young man was determined, and his love of cooking gave him motivation.

Be that as it may, he confronted a few troublesome snags throughout everyday life, most outstandingly his battle with liquor addiction, which sent him down a dull way and, at a certain point, left him destitute. Regardless of everything, he never failed to focus on his objectives and, eventually, he went to the Hazelden Treatment Center in Minnesota for recuperation. As well as carrying on with a prosperous existence today, he likewise helps other people beat compulsion as a worker at the office.

Andrew’s career has been diverse; he’s taught at a school of social research and restaurant management and hosted shows like “Feast of Death,” educating viewers about the dangers of unhealthy foods. He’s also held prominent positions in top New York restaurants.

Winning honors like the James Facial hair Grant and procuring acclaim for his culinary manifestations, Andrew’s gifts stretch out past the kitchen. He’s a productive essayist, adding to various magazines and papers, and even has a famous public broadcast, “Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.” 

Basically, Andrew Zimmern’s process is one of flexibility, enthusiasm, and commitment, demonstrating that sincerely, one can beat any impediment to make progress.

Andrew Zimmern Wiki

Full NameAndrew Zimmern
Net Worth$5 million
Date Of BirthJuly 4, 1961
Place Of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height1.8 m
OccupationCulinary expert, chef, television host, radio personality, food critic, columnist
ProfessionTV chef, food critic, food writer, teacher, television presenter, columnist, and radio personality
ResidenceEdina, Minnesota, U.S.
EducationVassar College
SpouseRishia Haas
ChildrenNoah Zimmern
ParentsCaren Zimmern, Robert Zimmern
NicknamesAndrew Zimmern, Zimmern, Andrew
AwardsJames Beard Award for Outstanding Personality/Host, James Beard Award for Television Program, On Location
NominationsJames Beard Award for Multimedia Food Feature
TV ShowsMan v. Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Star SignCancer

Andrew Zimmern Age

Andrew Zimmern is still going strong at the age of 58. His weight and height are currently somewhat unknown. Well, who knows? Someday, we might simply happen onto such information. Cross your fingers for more information!

Andrew Zimmern Family

Andrew Zimmern found love in the kitchen! He met his wife, Rishia Haas Zimmern, while they were both attending a food school in Minnesota. Rishia was actually the school’s kitchen vendor, and sparks flew between them as they started chatting and hanging out.

Despite their significant age differences, they dated for a year before being married on December 16, 2002, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Family and friends attended their beautiful wedding. Even though some family members were unable to attend, they compensated by throwing a lavish celebration the following year.

Their love story took a new turn when they welcomed their son, Noah Zimmern, into the world three years later. He’s been a bundle of joy, bringing even more happiness to their marriage. Today, the Zimmern family of three calls Minnesota home.

Andrew’s family background is interesting too. While he himself is straight and happily married with a child, he grew up with gay male parents. But he’s made it clear that his parents’ sexuality hasn’t influenced his own, embracing his identity as a straight man.

Andrew Zimmern Personal Life

In his life, Andrew Zimmern experienced some extremely difficult times. Can you see yourself at your lowest point—homeless for an entire year? That was the result of his battles with drugs and alcohol. He had to do everything to survive, even selling women’s purses to make ends meet. But in 1992, he courageously made the decision to change his life. He moved to Minnesota and checked himself into a treatment center in an attempt to confront his addiction.

Here’s when the amazing part comes in. Despite everything that had happened to him, Andrew refused to let it define him. Rather, he made a purpose out of his suffering. He now volunteers at the same rehab facility that gave him hope for a better future. How about making a complete circle?

Not to mention his family. After sixteen years of marriage, Andrew and Rishia had a son together, named Noah. They had some setbacks along the way, and regretfully, in 2018, they made the decision to split up. Nevertheless, despite everything, Andrew is committed to becoming the greatest father he can be for Noah, growing from his mistakes and making an effort to improve himself every day.

Andrew Zimmern Famous

The explanation Andrew Zimmern is notable is a result of his effective work as a culinary expert and television have. His own program, “Unusual Food varieties with Andrew Zimmern,” truly carried him to the public’s consideration.

The Travel Channel series chronicled chef Rick Zimmern’s adventures as he bravely tried out unusual and exotic foods from all across the world. Zimmern’s approachable manner and his willingness to go against popular taste were what the audience found most appealing.

From his early years, he has always had a true love for cuisine and travel, which has made him a popular figure among audiences worldwide.

Andrew Zimmern Career

In the wake of resolving his issues with dependence in Minnesota, Andrew Zimmern found that he was effective in his job as chief gourmet expert at Minneapolis’ Bistro Un Deux Trois. Analysts from the St. Paul Trailblazer Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune gave his menus good grades, demonstrating their ubiquity.

Andrew, however, had further culinary adventures after that. His love of food was shared with eager audiences as he became a much-in-demand guest chef at food festivals and charity events around the nation. To impart his knowledge of Chinese food, he even made a trip to China.

Back home in the Twin Cities, Andrew’s radio career took off with popular shows like “Chowhounds” and “Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.” He also kept viewers entertained as the food features reporter for Minneapolis’s Fox 9 News.

Andrew Zimmern Net Worth & Bio: Amazing Facts You Need to Know

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After that, in 2006, Andrew became well-known thanks to his own Travel Channel program, “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.” Viewers followed him on gastronomic travels across the globe for 13 seasons, sampling unusual and exotic cuisines along the way.

Andrew didn’t stop there, either. “Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World” and “The Zimmern List,” which he aired on the Travel Channel, were among the programs he hosted. In addition, he received a Daytime Emmy nomination. Additionally, he debuted “What’s Eating America,” a brand-new MSNBC program, in 2020.

Apart from being on television, Andrew is a gifted writer who shares his culinary and travel experiences in books such as “The Bizarre Truth: Culinary Misadventures Around the Globe.” He writes reputable columns for Delta Sky Magazine and Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine as well.

Thanks to his insatiable passion for food and travel, Andrew Zimmern is a well-liked figure in the culinary business who inspires people with his knowledge and experiences.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In addition to being a television personality, Andrew Zimmern has a line of seasonings and spice mixes! Under the Badia Spices brand, you may buy them in flavors like “Moroccan Moon” and “Mexican Fiesta.” Additionally, you can visit his St. Louis Park, Minnesota restaurant, Lucky Cricket, if you’re in the mood for some Chinese food. Tasty foods have been served there since November 2018.

Is Andrew Zimmern Married? Relationship

Andrew and Rishia Haas, his former spouse, crossed paths in Minneapolis through their shared love for food. They secured the bunch on December 26, 2002, and together raised their 16-year-old child, Noah, in Monterey, California. 

Notwithstanding, their process together come upon a difficult time, prompting their detachment in 2018 following sixteen years of marriage. Andrew openly admits fault in the split, recognizing that his demanding media career often overshadowed his family responsibilities.

Despite numerous opportunities to mend their relationship, Andrew fell short in being present for his wife and son. But he’s owned up to his mistakes and is committed to growth and accountability.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Andrew praised Rishia as the epitome of courage and strength, especially as a mother. His Mother’s Day tribute to her spoke volumes about his admiration and respect.

Andrew acknowledges his flaws and is determined to become a better person moving forward, striving to be the kind of father and ex-partner his family deserves.


  • Net Worth: While there are conflicting reports about Andrew Zimmern’s Net Worth, with some sources stating $14 million and others suggesting $5 million, it’s clear that he has amassed considerable wealth through his career as a chef, television host, writer, and entrepreneur.
  • Career Highlights: Andrew Zimmern gained fame through his show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” where he explores unique and exotic cuisines from around the world. He earns a substantial salary of $35,000 per episode for this show alone. Additionally, he has hosted other programs like “Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World” and “The Zimmern List,” receiving critical acclaim and even earning a Daytime Emmy nomination. Beyond television, Zimmern is a prolific writer, contributing to various publications and even hosting a popular podcast, “Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.”
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: In addition to his media ventures, Zimmern has delved into entrepreneurship with his line of seasonings and spice mixes under the Badia Spices brand. He also owns a restaurant called Lucky Cricket in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, showcasing his passion for Chinese cuisine.


What is Andrew Zimmern’s net worth?

There are conflicting reports, but estimates range from $5 million to $14 million.

How much does Andrew Zimmern earn per episode of “Bizarre Foods”?

He pulls in $35,000 for every episode of “Bizarre Foods.”

What are Andrew Zimmern’s notable career achievements?

Zimmern gained fame through his show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” earning critical acclaim and a Daytime Emmy nomination. He’s also hosted other successful programs and is a prolific writer and entrepreneur.

Is Andrew Zimmern married?

Andrew Zimmern was previously married to Rishia Haas, and they have one son together, named Noah. However, they separated in 2018 after sixteen years of marriage.

What struggles has Andrew Zimmern faced in his personal life?

Zimmern battled severe alcohol and drug addiction, which led to homelessness before seeking treatment and recovery. He has since become a volunteer at the Hazelden Treatment Center and has been open about his journey to sobriety.

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