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Carl Lentz Net Worth

Carl Lentz made a cool $3 million as the head boss and founder of the Hillsong Church branch in New York City. What’s more, get this – his gathering was comprised of Superstars like Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez. 

Presently, we should discuss Hillsong. Begun by Brian Houston back in ’83 down under, it’s presently spread its wings to in excess of 30 nations. The kicker, however, is that it has recently been in trouble. Debates including Houston, his father Plain, Lentz, and different fat cats in the congregation have been standing out as truly newsworthy. 

Brian Houston chose to step down in Spring after claims of him acting improperly with two ladies from the congregation became visible.

Who is Carl Lentz?

Through online entertainment venues, the American creator and minister Carl Lentz has established a significant presence. He has a huge following, with more than 149,000 supporters on Twitter and north of 616,000 on Instagram.

Lentz acquired noticeable quality as the head minister of the Manhattan part of the Hillsong church organization. Notwithstanding, in a huge new development, he was excused by Hillsong Worldwide Minister Brian Houston on November 4, 2020.

Carl Lentz Early Life

Let’s dive into the backstory of Stephen Carl Lentz, born November 6, 1978, in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Basketball’s been his jam since forever. Back in high school at Frank W. Cox High, he was hitting the court. Even in college at North Carolina State University from ’98 to 2000, he kept the ball rolling as a walk-on for the team.

But hey, life throws curveballs. Lentz decided to switch lanes and headed to LA for studies at The King’s College and Seminary. Following his conclusion there, he took off for Sydney, Australia, where he enrolled at Hillsong International Leadership College to study theology in great detail.

The plot gets more complicated at that point. It was down under that he felt the call to become more than just a guy; he felt the calling to become a pastor, to live a life of sincerity.

Carl Lentz Education

Let’s examine Lentz’s trip now: He briefly played walk-on basketball at North Carolina State University back in the late 1990s. But again, life is full of unexpected turns, isn’t it?

In his later years, he attended The King’s College and Seminary and found himself in the busy city of Los Angeles. His curiosity didn’t end there, though.

Off he went to Sydney, Australia, where he enrolled at Hillsong International Leadership College. And boy, was that a game-changer! It’s there that Lentz had one of those experiences that just flips your whole world upside down.

Carl Lentz Personal Life

Let’s peek into Lentz’s personal life, shall we? It’s all about his partner in crime, Laura. They crossed paths while both were studying at Hillsong College, and the rest is history.

Their journey’s been all about weaving together their passion for ministry and their love for family. Together, they’ve crafted a life filled with purpose and love. And oh, did I mention their adorable trio? Ava, Roman, and Charlie complete their beautiful family portrait.

Carl Lentz Wife

You know, Carl Lentz is happily married to Laura. They make quite the team!

Carl Lentz Children

They’re a lovely bunch, Carl and Laura. They’ve got two strapping boys, Charlie and Roman, and a sweet little girl named Ava. Quite the adorable family, don’t you think?

Carl Lentz Career

Back in his days at the Carl Lentz International Leadership College, Carl struck up a solid friendship with Joel Houston, who happened to be Brian Houston’s son, the bigwig behind the whole school scene.

The two buddies dreamed up this idea of setting up shop in New York, but life had other plans. When they graduated in ’03, Carl veered off to become a youth pastor in Virginia, putting their grand plan on hold.

Fast forward seven years, and guess what? Carl finally made moves to bring his vision to life in the Big Apple. He co-founded what would become a game-changer for the city – the Carl Lentz in New York City. And boy, did he make waves.

His impact on the church scene, especially among millennials, was huge. Why? Because Carl wasn’t your typical preacher. Rocking tattoos, stylish threads, and a killer hairstyle, he broke the mold of what folks expected a pastor to be.

His fashion sense not only turned heads but also put Hillsong NYC in the spotlight. People flocked to his services by the thousands every week, drawn in by his unique vibe and message.

Real Estate Ventures

Check this out: On October 23, Lentz said goodbye to his Montclair, New Jersey crib. It was this super stylish pad that he, his wifey, and their three kiddos called home. And get this, just 11 days later, he got the boot.

But here’s the kicker: Lentz knows how to play the real estate game. Remember that cool mid-century house he snagged for $1.2 million? Well, he flipped it for a sweet $300,000 profit. Talk about a savvy move!

That place was a gem, boasting four bedrooms and bathrooms, a cozy fireplace, and a garage big enough for two rides.

Quick forward to July 2021, Lentz chose to get established in Tampa. He gathered up a smooth three-room cushion for $700,000, complete with every one of the fancy odds and ends. Well that is the means by which you roll in style!

Spiritual Advisor

As well as placing Carl Lentz in the public spotlight, his imaginative way to deal with chapel gatherings pulled in the consideration of different superstars.

Justin Bieber was the first well-known person to be linked to Lentz. At the point when Lentz absolved the craftsman in 2015, their bond became more grounded. They have stayed close from that point onward, with Lentz in any event, directing Bieber’s 2019 wedding to his dedicated spouse Hailey Bieber.

Past Bieber, Lentz has affected different VIPs also, including Chris Pratt, Selena Gomez, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Lentz has affected many famous people with his proclaiming, making persevering through connections in the amusement area.


Carl Lentz hosts a podcast titled “The Praise.”


In 2015, Carl Lentz published the book “The One: Experience Jesus.”

After that, on October 30, 2018, he published a second book called “Own The Moment.” In this book, Lentz provides insights into his experiences and personal development as he narrates his path from being an ordinary adolescent to leading Carl Lentz NYC.

Where is Carl Lentz now?

Carl Lentz’s wife remained by him through all the controversies, and they remain close to this day. On September 14, Carl, Laura, and their three children are shown together in a touching Instagram image. Carl conveyed his appreciation to friends and family for their unwavering love and grace during trying times.

It’s been a troublesome way, yet by God’s elegance, we are as yet remaining, settled, and joined together. Lentz expressed in the article, “We don’t have the foggiest idea what’s on the horizon, yet we realize we’ll confront it as a family, and for that, I’m unbelievably thankful.”

What happened to Carl Lentz?

Brian Houston selected Carl Lentz to oversee the Hillsong Church’s New York City debut in 2010. When Lentz resigned after ten years, Houston attributed it to “leadership issues, breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures.”

Lentz came clean on Instagram the day following his firing, acknowledging that he had cheated on his 17-year wife. “I totally accept responsibility for my unfaithfulness in my marriage, which is the most significant relationship in my life. November 5, 2020: “It is entirely my fault and failing. In a poignant piece, Lentz stated, “I take full responsibility for my conduct.

Reports surfaced of Lentz’s affair with jewelry designer Ranin Karim, whom he allegedly met in a Brooklyn park during the 2020 lockdown. The affair reportedly lasted six months until Laura Lentz stumbled upon suggestive text messages between the two on Carl’s phone. According to sources, some of these messages even contained racy photos that somehow ended up on Lentz’s work computer at the church office.

Adding to the turmoil, an anonymous source later disclosed to the media that Lentz had been involved with other women over a span of five to six years. Then in 2021, the Lentz family nanny, Leona Kimes, came forward accusing Carl of sexual abuse that allegedly occurred between 2011 and 2017.


As the lead pastor of the Manhattan-based Hillsong church, renowned pastor and founder Carl Lentz gained notoriety. However, things collapsed in November 2020 when Hillsong’s CEO, Brian Houston, had to fire him. Making the choice wasn’t simple. Lentz had been struggling with some serious stuff – problems with how he led, broke trust, and made some moral slip-ups.

The biggest bombshell was Lentz coming clean about cheating on his wife. That’s what sealed his fate at Hillsong. Lentz’s romance with jewelry designer Ranin Karim garnered media attention and negatively impacted his personal life. Furthermore, on the off chance that that wasn’t sufficiently all, there were likewise murmurs that he was seeing different women. At the point when you figured things couldn’t deteriorate, a previous sitter blamed Lentz for sexual maltreatment.

Not only was Lentz in disarray, but so was everyone who held him in high regard. His ruin filled in as a sobering update that even the most influential individuals commit errors, and the results might be unfortunate for all gatherings.


  • Carl Lentz was brought into the world on November 6, 1978, in Virginia Ocean side, Virginia.
  • He sought after ball in his childhood and momentarily played as a stroll on for North Carolina State College.
  • Lentz concentrated on philosophy at Hillsong Worldwide Authority School in Sydney, Australia.
  • He helped to establish Hillsong New York City in 2010 and earned respect for his offbeat way to deal with service, drawing in a youthful crowd.
  • Lentz has been persuasive in big name circles, with Justin Bieber among his prominent adherents.
  • He was the host of the podcast “The Praise” and wrote books like “The One: Experience Jesus” and “Own The Occasion.”
  • Lentz’s total assets was assessed to be around $3 million, to a great extent from his job as the head minister of Hillsong New York City.


What prompted Carl Lentz’s excusal from Hillsong?

Lentz was excused because of authority issues, breaks of trust, and moral disappointments, remembering treachery for his marriage.

Who was Carl Lentz engaged with sincerely?

Lentz was engaged with an extramarital undertaking with gems planner Ranin Karim, which prompted his end from Hillsong.

What is Carl Lentz’s total assets?

Lentz’s total assets was assessed to be around $3 million, fundamentally from his job as the head minister of Hillsong New York City and his impact in VIP circles.

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