Have the experience of a lifetime of the luxury VERTU’s METAWatch 

The Full Diamond Watch by the VERTU – the Meeting point of Technology and Luxury – is a synonym of cutting-edge technology and trendsetting design. This luxury timepiece with its elegant outline and advanced functions is not only a watch but also an ultra-modern one, which rearranges the limits of luxury and technology, their relationship within. Hurry Up! Get your pre-orders in now and be among the first ones to get this beautiful piece of tech device.

A Masterpiece of Engineering: It clings and dances throughout the air.

Meta gold smartwatch sports Intelligent Movement , the latest in-house technology that performs an elite function of accurate time-keeping and a battery lifespan. The comfort and convenience of a single folding clasp is the reason this clasp is designed for. It is hassle free now to put on and take off your shawl. This symbol also highlights the reach of VERTU to transcend the accessibility and play a major role towards this goal.

A Work of Art: Press and Strap

The case of Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch is manufactured from the high class carbon fiber and stainless steel so it looks very sturdy and it also offers a luxurious feel. These customized FKM and calfskin straps are put in place to achieve the harmony of comfort and style, while there are the added features of a rare crocodile leather strap for those who want luxury. Its diameter is 46mm/43/ inches. 6mm hence making it a gift item to place on any wrist.

A Visual Feast: Scratch and Show.

The Meta Watch Black Diamond series of Smart Watches has an appearance that is stunning and it is full of features that are helpful. She had 85-inch screen which is of 320*386 pixels and was nicely displaying sharp and colorful figures. At the up to 10m Bluetooth contact distance users won’t need to bother about cables as they can be easily connected to the devices. The screen fits well with displaying information such as reading notifications, tracking fitness objectives and managing music in the process.

Built to Last: The battery and the water resist feature are beneficial regardless of season.

The battery of Meta Watch Black Diamond SmartWatch comes with 260 mAh which gives a long run power making you free to use any other feature available on the watch without the fear of running out battery. It has water resistant IP 68 resistance, thus, it would serve as both dust and water protection which qualifies it for everyday wear.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name: Thus VERTU H1 Watch is not only the latest innovative smart watch but also one of a kind for each unique customer

Battery Capacity: 260mAh

Movement: Intelligent Movement

Clasp Style: Single button locking mechanism

Case Material: The majority of new businesses are competing in environmental related products / services.

Watch Diameter: 46mm/43. 6mm

Strap Material: Our own Fkms /calfskins / rare crocs leather can be custom made .

Watch Thickness: 14. 3mm/13. 5mm

Screen Size: 1. 85 inches

Bluetooth Connection Distance: 10m

Screen Resolution: 320*386 pixels

Water and Dust Resistance: IP68

Enjoy the Ultimate in Comfort and Technology Concesntwise: 

The VERTU MetaWatch Black Diamond Smart Watch is, indeed, a piece of art, well mastered in gem-set metals (black diamonds), connected and smart. This watch, featuring stylish design, exciting improvements, and precise time recording within the shortest possible seconds, will surely draw the attention of a crowd. In lence for immediate delivery and enjoyment, you experience the utmost in er and


Q: How long will the watch last on its battery before needing to be charged?

A: This watch is equipped with a 260mAh battery, which is long-lasting thus suitable for a long time untethered use.

Q: Is the human watch waterproofed?

A: Obtainable IP68, it can be exceeded water and dirt resistant and therefore, consequently, it can be used pretty much anywhere.

Q: Is the screen size of that watch greater or smaller?

A: The watch having magnificent one inch face which can be easily swiped in any direction allow the users to interact with the notification wisely. 85 inches in height and width with a resolution of 320*386 pixels.

Q: May I free my watch through Bluetooth connection with my phone?

A: Of course, the watch has a wireless connection up to 10 meters, so that the connection would be hands-free and it would work without any wires.

Q: What is the substance of the watch? Its case is what?

A: The watch’s case has been fleshed out with carbon fiber and stainless steel which brings forth a sturdy finish with a sense of luxury.

Q: Whether this watch synchronizes with my smartphone is also a major plus.

A: Yes, being Android / iOS compatible, the watch can be used with any of the smartphones.

Q: Is one able to color and adjust the watch to my likes?

A: Yes, the watch is with options to customize it that include the strap materials, colors, etc.

Q: Is this watch casual wear?

A: Absolutely, it is crafted to be a part of everyday wear, thanks to its endurance and water-resistant finish.

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