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Lola Brooke Height: How Tall is Lola Brooke? A gifted rapper with a commanding physical presence

Lola Brooke Height

4’9″ (1.45 m)

Lola Brooke Height

How Tall is Lola Brooke? 

Lola Brooke height of 4 feet 9 inches, making her a woman of petite stature. Despite her shorter height, this adds a distinctive charm to her overall presence. Her compact frame hints at an elegant demeanor, suggesting a unique aspect of her personality.

Height in feet and inches4 feet 9 inches
Height in centimeters145 cm
Height in meters1.45 m

Lola carries herself with a poise that is notable at her height. This stature allows her to navigate through crowds with ease, blending her physical attributes with her unique style. These measurements provide insight into Lola’s physical characteristics, revealing a persona that is both nuanced and intriguing, far beyond just her appearance.

Who Is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke is quickly emerging as a prominent figure in American rap and songwriting, representing the rich culture of Brooklyn, New York. Her standout quality goes beyond her impressive talent; it lies in her exceptional ability to forge deep, emotional connections with her audience. When she takes the stage, her presence is magnetic and captivating, drawing listeners into her narrative with each beat and lyric.

Her breakthrough hit, “Don’t Play It,” wasn’t just another song—it was a bold declaration that catapulted Lola to viral stardom, highlighting her raw talent and charisma. Yet, Lola remains relentlessly driven. She continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop, constantly exploring and experimenting with new sounds and styles. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every track, establishing her as a formidable force in the music industry.

As Lola’s influence grows, it becomes clear that she is more than just a rapper. She is a storyteller, a visionary, and an artist who fearlessly explores the limits of her creativity. With her innovative sound and unwavering commitment, Lola Brooke is set to leave an indelible mark on the music world for years to come.

Lola Brooke Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Eye colorBrown
Hair colorLight Brown
Height4’9″ (145cm)
Weight55kg (121lbs)
Body Measurements32-24-35 inches
81-61-90 cm
Eyes Skin ColourCocoa

This individual possesses brown eyes and light brown hair. They stand at 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) tall and weigh 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Their body measurements are 32-24-35 inches (81-61-90 cm). Their skin, described as cocoa-toned, suggests a warm, rich complexion. These physical characteristics collectively contribute to their distinctive appearance and overall presence.

Lola Brooke Wiki

Full/Real name Shyniece Thomas  
NicknameLola Brooke, Lola
Birth date 1 February 1994
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, United States of America 
Age (As of 2024)30 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius 
Ethnicity African-American 
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForAs an American rapper
Education QualificationGraduate
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Song Writer, Music artist and Internet celebrity.
Notable Works“Don’t Play With It”, “Dennis Daughter”

Lola Brooke Age And Early Fame

Lola Brooke, born on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, is an American artist of African descent who practices Christianity. As an Aquarius, she embodies the innovative and independent traits associated with her zodiac sign. Now 30 years old, Lola’s journey into music began early, inspired and supported by her mother. Her passion for music led her to sign with Team 80 Productions in 2016, a pivotal moment that set the stage for her breakout hit, “Don’t Play With It.”

Lola’s early dedication and evident talent drove her towards a successful career in the music industry. Her story is a testament to resilience and passion, demonstrating how she navigated the challenges of the music world with unwavering determination. As Lola continues to rise in the music scene, her journey serves as an inspiring reminder that with dedication and perseverance, achieving one’s dreams is possible.

Lola Brooke Family

Lola Brooke’s family has profoundly influenced her life, particularly her bond with her father, Dennis. As her sole parent, Dennis was a guiding force until his untimely death when Lola was just eight years old. This significant loss marked a pivotal moment in her young life, compelling her to grow up without her father’s guidance.

In the wake of her father’s passing, Lola’s mother stepped up, ensuring her daughter’s well-being and providing unwavering love and support. Despite the challenges she faced, Lola’s mother remained a source of strength. Out of respect for her mother’s privacy, Lola has kept her identity confidential. Similarly, she has not disclosed information about any potential siblings, keeping the details of her family background private.

Despite the early loss of her father, Lola has been intentional about preserving her family’s privacy. She has shared selective details, such as the name of her cousin, Jah, but keeps other aspects of her personal life guarded. This deliberate choice adds an element of intrigue to Lola Brooke’s story, allowing her to maintain a sense of privacy while in the public eye.

Lola Brooke Career

Lola Brooke’s musical journey began early, as she started writing songs at just eight years old. With her mother’s encouragement, who recognized her talent and passion for rapping, Lola pursued her dreams while working as a residential aide at a shelter. However, balancing her job with her budding rap career became increasingly difficult, leading her to make the challenging decision to leave her job and dedicate herself fully to music.

In 2016, Lola signed with Team 80 Productions, a significant milestone in her career. She released her debut music video, “2017 Flow,” in January 2017, followed by “Never Was Yours” later that year. It was her 2021 release, “Don’t Play With It,” that truly launched her into the spotlight. The song went viral, garnering over 36 million views on YouTube and earning Lola widespread acclaim.

Today, Lola Brooke is signed to Arista Records and continues to make a significant impact in the music industry. Her talent has earned her a dedicated social media following, with over 1 million Instagram followers and a strong presence on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. Additionally, she has established herself as a fashion influencer through her merchandise store. Lola’s journey is a testament to her determination and talent, solidifying her status as a rising star in the rap world.

Lola Brooke’s Personal Life

Lola Brooke deliberately keeps her personal life private, prioritizing her music career over sharing details about her relationships or marital status. This intentional choice allows her to maintain control over her personal affairs and focus her energy on her artistry and creative endeavors.

Despite her growing fame, Lola is committed to keeping her personal life out of the public eye. This approach has given her the independence and autonomy needed to nurture her music career, explore new creative avenues, and collaborate with other artists without distraction. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her work, reflecting her passion and determination to succeed on her terms.

As Lola Brooke continues to ascend in the music industry, her fans and admirers respect her decision to maintain privacy. By staying true to herself and her artistic vision, Lola navigates the challenges of fame while preserving her privacy and concentrating on what matters most: her music.

Lola Brooke’s Engagements and Collaborations

In today’s landscape of influencer marketing, Lola Brooke’s name resonates with notable affiliations with leading brands. These connections, spanning from endorsement alliances to ambassadorships and synergies with fashion, lifestyle, or sports labels, transcend mere monetary benefits. They serve as pivotal elements in sculpting Lola’s brand, showcasing her sway and allure across diverse audiences.

Teaming up with prominent brands not only enhances Lola Brooke’s financial portfolio but also fortifies her stature as a prominent presence in the realm. These collaborations underscore her influence and capacity to strike chords with audiences, resonating with consumers on a profound level. Through these strategic partnerships, Lola can broaden her outreach and cement her standing as a pivotal figure in the influencer marketing domain.

Lola Brook Awards and Achievements 

Lola Brooke’s contributions and recognition in the music industry serve as a testament to her innate talent and boundless creativity. While her achievements may not be cataloged like trinkets in a treasure chest, her most profound accomplishment lies in her capacity to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners worldwide. Her compositions possess a transcendent quality, soaring into the hearts of people like superheroes, eliciting smiles and prompting spontaneous dance moves.

With every play of Lola’s music that sparks joy, it’s akin to receiving an accolade. This impact transcends the allure of any gleaming trophy, encapsulating the true essence of her artistry. Lola’s remarkable ability to forge genuine connections with audiences underscores the depth of her talent and the enduring imprint she leaves with her music.

Lola Brooke’s Favorite Things

Lola Brooke’s preferences span a wide spectrum, revealing a multifaceted individual with diverse interests. She finds solace in swimming as a pastime and exhibits a fervor for basketball, signaling an inclination towards an active lifestyle. When it comes to entertainment, she gravitates towards Kevin Bacon’s performances and admires Madonna’s timeless portrayal on screen, showcasing an appreciation for seasoned and iconic artists. The resonating tunes of Dolly Parton strike a chord with her, hinting at a penchant for country melodies or heartfelt lyrics.

Chicago holds a special allure for Lola, serving as her favored destination, perhaps due to its rich cultural tapestry and plethora of attractions. Sushi ranks high on her list of culinary delights, reflecting a taste for Japanese cuisine, while her affection for dogs underscores her affinity for animals. Collectively, Lola Brooke’s favorite things depict a well-rounded individual with an array of passions and preferences.

ActorKevin Bacon
SingerDolly Parton

Lola Brook Future Plan and Goals

Lola Brooke gazes into the horizon with a vision filled with grand aspirations and limitless possibilities. Her primary aim is to craft more music that resonates deeply with audiences, akin to the profound impact of her chart-topping single, “Don’t Play With It.” Yet, beyond her musical endeavors, Lola is driven by a profound ambition to serve as a guiding light for the youth of Brooklyn and beyond, encouraging them to pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of their scale.

Looking forward, Lola envisions a future illuminated by collaborations with a diverse array of artists and an extensive global tour, where she can deliver electrifying performances to her devoted fans around the world. Firmly rooted in the principles of hard work and audacious dreaming, Lola eagerly anticipates the thrilling escapades and boundless opportunities that lie ahead in her music career.

Rapper Lola Brooke Net Worth 2024

The financial trajectory of rapper Lola Brooke has been on a steady incline, mirroring her burgeoning success in the music realm. As of March 2024, her estimated net worth ranges between $400,000 and $1 million. This considerable figure is predominantly fueled by the streams and sales of her original compositions, underscoring her artistry and burgeoning fan base.

Despite a portion of her earnings allocated to her record label, Lola Brooke enjoys a substantial income, affording her a comfortable lifestyle. Her dynamic live performances further bolster her financial standing, as she frequents various musical gatherings, thereby broadening her audience base and revenue streams.

Endowed with youthful exuberance and undeniable talent, Lola Brooke has swiftly ascended the ranks to emerge as one of the nation’s most promising rap talents. As her prominence continues to soar, it’s likely her net worth will also see a proportional increase, a testament to her enduring success in the music industry.

Facts About Lola Brook

  • Lola Brooke is affectionately called “Lolo” by her friends.
  • She loves the color pink for its brightness and resemblance to her music’s upbeat nature.
  • Lola began her songwriting journey at the young age of eight, displaying an early passion for music.
  • Animals, especially fluffy dogs, hold a special place in Lola’s heart.
  • Collaborating with Beyoncé is one of Lola’s major dreams for the future.
  • If given the chance, Lola would choose the superpower of flight to travel instantly.
  • Pizza with extra cheese is Lola’s favorite treat for movie nights.
  • Apart from music, Lola is skilled at drawing, particularly cartoons.
  • Lola starts her day by listening to her favorite songs to energize herself for the day ahead.

Lola Brooke Social Media Presence

InstagramLola Brooke1.2M
FacebookLola Brooke16k
YoutubeLola Brooke208k
TwitterLola Brooke91.7k

Lola Brooke captivates audiences on social media platforms with her dynamic presence and engaging content. With a staggering Instagram following of 1.2 million, she offers glimpses into her life, music, and personal reflections, fostering deep connections with her fans. Her Facebook page boasts a strong following of 16,000, eagerly anticipating her updates and posts.

YouTube serves as another avenue for Lola to shine, boasting an impressive subscriber base of 208,000. Here, she likely treats her audience to a diverse array of content, ranging from music videos to vlogs and behind-the-scenes insights into her creative process. Twitter rounds out her social media repertoire, where she interacts with a devoted following of 91,700, sharing her thoughts, engaging with fans, and promoting her latest endeavors.

Lola Brooke’s robust social media presence underscores her influence and popularity, showcasing her adeptness at connecting with fans across various platforms while sharing her love for music and life.


Lola Brooke, born Shyniece Thomas, is a gifted rapper and songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Standing at a petite 4 feet 9 inches, her physical stature belies her commanding presence on stage. Lola’s breakthrough hit, “Don’t Play It,” catapulted her to viral stardom, highlighting her raw talent and charisma. Despite early challenges, including the loss of her father at a young age, Lola’s dedication to her craft has driven her success. She keeps her personal life private, focusing on her music career, which includes collaborations with leading brands and a significant social media following. Lola Brooke’s future aspirations include creating more music that resonates deeply with her audience and serving as a role model for aspiring artists.


Q: How tall is Lola Brooke? 

A: Lola Brooke stands at a height of 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm), giving her a distinctive and charming presence.

Q: What is Lola Brooke famous for? 

A: Lola Brooke is known for her talents as an American rapper and songwriter, with her breakout hit “Don’t Play It” propelling her to viral stardom.

Q: What are Lola Brooke’s body measurements? 

A: Lola Brooke’s body measurements are 32-24-35 inches (81-61-90 cm), contributing to her unique physical appearance.

Q: What is Lola Brooke’s net worth? 

A: As of March 2024, Lola Brooke’s net worth ranges between $400,000 and $1 million, primarily from her music career and brand endorsements.

Q: Does Lola Brooke have any siblings? 

A: Lola Brooke has not disclosed information about any potential siblings, as she keeps details about her family background private.

Q: What are Lola Brooke’s favorite things? 

A: Lola Brooke’s favorite things include swimming, basketball, Kevin Bacon, Madonna, Dolly Parton, Chicago, sushi, dogs, and the color pink.

Q: What are Lola Brooke’s social media profiles? 

A: Lola Brooke is active on Instagram (@LolaBrooke – 1.2M followers), Facebook (Lola Brooke – 16k followers), YouTube (Lola Brooke – 208k subscribers), and Twitter (@LolaBrooke – 91.7k followers), where she shares updates about her music and life with her fans.

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