Snapchat Planets Order

Your Snapchat Solar System: A Guide to Snapchat Planets

Ever wondered where you stand in your friend’s circle on Snapchat? Look no further than the mysterious “planets” that appear next to their names! These aren’t just whimsical decorations; they’re part of Snapchat’s clever way of visualizing your best friends list, and understanding snapchat planets order can reveal some interesting things about your social connections.

This guide will take you on a journey through the Snapchat solar system, decoding the meaning of each planet and offering tips on how to interpret your position (or influence it!).

Welcome to Your Snapchat Solar System:

First things first, you need to be a Snapchat+ subscriber to unlock the “friend solar system” feature. Once activated, a small badge with a gold ring will appear next to your best friends’ names on their profile. Tapping this badge reveals your designated planet within their solar system, with each planet representing a specific position in their best friends list.

Who’s the Closest to the Sun? Understanding Snapchat Planet Order:

Think of yourself as the sun in your Snapchat solar system. The planets closest to you represent the friends you interact with the most. Here’s the breakdown of the planets and their corresponding ranks:

  1. Mercury: The closest planet to the sun, and in your Snapchat world, it represents your absolute best friend – the person you send the most snaps and chats with. They’re practically glued to your Snapchat orbit!
  2. Venus: The second rock from the sun translates to your second-best friend on Snapchat. This is someone you share a lot of snaps and chats with, but maybe not quite as frequently as your Mercury bestie.
  3. Earth: Our home planet signifies your third-best friend. You still have a strong connection with this person, snapping and chatting regularly but perhaps not quite as intensely as the first two.
  4. Mars: The red planet marks your fourth-closest friend. You share a decent amount of snaps and chats, but the frequency might be a bit more relaxed compared to the inner planets.
  5. Jupiter: The giant of the solar system signifies your fifth-best friend. Snaps and chats might be less frequent here, but the connection is still there and valuable.
  6. Saturn: The ringed wonder represents your sixth-best friend. Interactions might be more sporadic on Snapchat, but you still enjoy catching up when the opportunity arises.
  7. Uranus: The distant, icy planet signifies your seventh-best friend. Snapping and chatting might be even less frequent here, but you still consider them a friend on the platform.
  8. Neptune: The farthest planet from the sun signifies your eighth-best friend on Snapchat. Interactions might be infrequent, but the connection is still acknowledged.

Beyond the Order: Friendmoji Meanings and Customization:

Each planet in your Snapchat solar system is not just a celestial body – it’s also a “Friendmoji” with a unique design. These Friendmojis often incorporate hearts, stars, and other visual cues to indicate the strength of your connection. For example, Mercury might have a fiery red color with lots of hearts, while Neptune might be a calmer blue with fewer visual frills.

While the core order of the planets is fixed (Mercury is always closest, Neptune farthest), it’s important to remember that Snapchat is a dynamic platform. Your interactions with friends can shift over time, and your position in their solar system can reflect that. Snapping more with a friend who was previously a Mars might elevate them to Earth status, or vice versa.

Tips for Navigating Your Snapchat Solar System:

Curious about how to climb the ranks in a friend’s solar system, or maybe maintain your coveted Mercury position? Here are some tips:

  • Snap More Often: This might seem obvious, but the more you snap and chat with a friend, the stronger the connection Snapchat perceives.
  • Streaks Matter: Maintaining a Snapstreak (sending snaps to each other daily) with a friend is a great way to solidify your bond in the Snapchat world.
  • Group Snaps Count: Don’t underestimate the power of group snaps! Including a particular friend in your group snaps can help strengthen the connection.
  • Quality over Quantity: While sending lots of snaps is good, sending thoughtful or funny snaps that spark meaningful conversations can be even more impactful.

The Final Word: It’s All About Connection

Understanding Snapchat planets is a fun way to visualize your social connections on the platform. Remember, though, that the true value lies in the real-life friendships these interactions represent. Use Snapchat as a tool to strengthen those bonds, have fun with the playful planetary system, and keep snapping with your best friends (both on and off the app)!

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