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Diana Lovejoy Biography, Age, Education, Story, Muder Attempt And More

Who is Diana Lovejoy?

Diana is an American lady who previously worked as a YouTube content creator and fitness instructor. She was, nevertheless, a party to a significant legal dispute. She was found guilty of attempting to carry out the plan she had devised with others to hurt her ex-husband, Greg Mulvihill. She was consequently found guilty of both attempted and conspiratorial murder.

Diana Lovejoy Biography

Although Diana Lovejoy’s exact birthday is unknown, her adventure started in the middle of the country around 1975. Although specifics regarding her upbringing and family are hazy at best, her insatiable curiosity was apparent almost away. She pursued her education at California’s Mountain View High School, where she studied music, literature, psychology, and even French.

Her educational excursion carried her to the regarded College of California, where she concentrated on a great many points and graduated with a four year certification in French, music, writing, and brain science.

Post-graduation, Diana ventured into the corporate world, starting her career journey at Nokia, a prominent mobile phone company. Her role as a lead documentation specialist honed her skills in communication and organization over the span of four years. Seeking new challenges, she transitioned to a software company, where she utilized her expertise as a technical writer.

However, Diana’s true passion lay in health and fitness. In 2008, she embarked on a personal journey to transform her own health and well-being, becoming a personal trainer and coach for triathlon games until 2012. Harnessing her knowledge and experience, she later established a presence on YouTube, sharing valuable health tips and demonstrating nutritious meal preparations to inspire others on their wellness journeys.

Diana Lovejoy Wiki

Real NameDiana Lovejoy
Date of Birth26 October, 1972
Age51 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current ResidenceCentral California Women’s Facility
Height5’7″ (167 cm)
Weight121 lbs (51 kgs)
Body Measurements34-28-37 inches (86-71-93 cm)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandGreg Mulvihill
SchoolMountain View High School
UniversityUniversity of California
ProfessionFormer fitness instructor and YouTuber

Diana Lovejoy Age

Diana came into the world on October 26, 1972, which makes her 51 years old as of 2024. She falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Diana Lovejoy Education

Diana went to Mountain View Secondary School in California for her secondary school training. Following her graduation, she sought after additional investigations at the College of California. There, she procured a four year certification, studying writing, brain research, music, and French.

Diana Lovejoy Family

Lovejoy and Greg’s relationship didn’t always mirror the misery it became. Their love journey began more than a year ago when they made the decision to tie the knot in an opulent, private ceremony back in 2007. But instead of becoming a family, their aspirations became a torturous struggle that included Lovejoy’s eight heartbreaking miscarriages. Despite their struggles, they finally welcomed a son into their lives. Yet, by then, cracks had already formed in their marriage.

Their once-solid bond began to unravel, leading to their separation and eventual divorce filing in 2014. The legal battle that followed was nothing short of grueling, spanning two painstaking years. Ultimately, Diana secured full custody of their son in 2016, with Greg granted visitation rights. However, her victory in custody was overshadowed by allegations of sexual assault against Greg, which, upon investigation, were proven unfounded, resulting in joint custody.

By this time, Diana had found success as a fitness instructor, earning a substantial monthly income of $10,000. However, this newfound financial stability came with its own set of obligations. The court mandated shared custody with Greg, along with monthly child support payments totaling $100. Additionally, Diana was required to relinquish $120,000 of their property in Carlsbad to Greg, a sum she covered by trading her condo.

Diana Lovejoy’s story

Diana and Greg’s tale of love began with a year-long relationship and concluded with a low-key 2007 wedding. They cohabited for seven years, during which they had highs and lows. Before Diana could finally hold their child in her arms, she had eight horrible miscarriages.

Divorce proceedings were initiated by Diana in 2014 due to marital problems. For two years, the legal struggle dragged on. Diana was first given sole custody of their kid, and Greg was only permitted to see him under supervision. Her charges of sexual abuse were the basis for her divorce, but an inquiry turned up no proof to back up her claims.

Greg was ordered to pay just $100 a month in child support. However, by summer 2016, the court revised the custody arrangement, granting shared custody and adjusting the child support payments. Diana, earning $10,000 monthly, retained the family home but had to pay Greg $120,000.

The murder attempt

In a shocking turn of events, Diana orchestrated a plot with her shooting instructor, McDavid, to murder her ex-husband, driven by her desire to avoid sharing custody of their child. This dark plan unfolded just four months after she settled the $120,000 payment with Greg.

Greg got a call on September 4, 2016, from a person claiming to be a private investigator and to have proof of the assault he had allegedly suffered.  The caller lured Greg to a remote spot on Avenida Soledad, near Rancho Santa Fe, under the pretense of providing this evidence. Accompanied by his friend Jason Kovach, Greg fell into the trap, only to be shot. Miraculously, he survived as the bullet narrowly missed his heart.

Investigations later revealed Diana’s involvement in the conspiracy, as she had paid McDavid $2000 to carry out the hit. Despite mounting evidence against her, Diana denied any part in the plot, insisting she could never harm the father of her child. However, additional evidence surfaced, including inquiries she made to her aunt about finding someone to kill Greg.

Wife, Instructor Sentenced in Husband’s Divorce Shooting

In a court show that unfurled on Wednesday, a Carlsbad lady and her weapon educator got extensive jail sentences for their contribution in a bungled plot to kill the lady’s alienated spouse. Diana Lovejoy, indicted for intrigue to carry out murder and endeavored murder, was given a sentence of 26 years to life. Weldon McDavid Jr., her associate, was given a harsher sentence of 50 years to life for firing the shot that injured the person in question.

The occurrence happened in September 2016, in the midst of a harsh separation and guardianship fight among Lovejoy and her ex, Greg Mulvihill. Lovejoy was accused of manipulating McDavid into the shooting with fabricated stories of abuse.

During their sentencing, both Lovejoy and McDavid maintained their innocence, denying the existence of any murder-for-hire scheme. McDavid asserted, “There was no intent to kill. That’s not who I am.” Lovejoy, tearful in her statement, insisted she could never harm the father of her child.

Prosecutors painted a different picture, labeling Lovejoy as “manipulative” and “narcissistic,” with no regard for accountability. They argued that the allegations of abuse against Mulvihill were entirely fabricated by Lovejoy to gain custody of their son.

The court heard how Lovejoy and McDavid orchestrated a deceitful scheme, luring Mulvihill to a secluded area under false pretenses before the shooting occurred. Despite McDavid’s claim that he only intended to shoot out a light, prosecutors argued he acted as a hired hitman.

Though Lovejoy was upset about not feeling heard during the trial, the judge insisted that there was enough evidence to uphold the verdict. A turbulent court struggle that left a path of broken lives and unsolved questions was finally resolved with the sentencing.

How many years did Diana Lovejoy get?

After being convicted of the crime, Diana was sentenced to 26 years behind bars. Additionally, both Diana and McDavid were ordered to pay $500,000 each in damages to Greg. It marked the legal conclusion of a tumultuous chapter, with justice served but scars left on all involved.

Latest updates on Diana Lovejoy

Diana and McDavid weren’t satisfied with the court’s decision, so they sought an appeal at the California Court of Appeal. However, even after thorough cross-examination, the jury upheld their convictions, affirming their intent to harm Greg. As a result, their sentences remained unchanged, leaving them facing the consequences of their actions.

Where is Diana Lovejoy now?

Diana is presently carrying out her punishment at the Focal California Ladies’ Office, with the chance of parole not until 2036. In 2019, NBC broadcasted a narrative called “The evening of the New Moon,” as a component of Season 7, Episode 4 of Dateline, revealing insight into Diana Lovejoy’s case. While the actual video may not be open any longer, insights regarding the occasions encompassing her wrongdoing and preliminary stay available to those keen on figuring out the case.


Diana Lovejoy, an American lady recently referred to for her work as a YouTube content maker and health specialist, became engaged with a huge lawful debate when she was viewed as at fault for endeavoring to coordinate the homicide of her ex, Greg Mulvihill. She hired McDavid, a shooting instructor, to carry out the hit, according to the plot. Notwithstanding keeping up with their blamelessness during the preliminary, both Lovejoy and McDavid were indicted and condemned to extensive jail terms.


  • Background: Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill wedded in 2007 following an extended period of romance. Lovejoy went through multiple miscarriages during their marriage, one of many difficulties. The couple in the end separated in 2014 because of conjugal issues.
  • Custody Battle: Following the divorce, custody battles ensued over their child. Lovejoy initially obtained sole custody, but the arrangement was later revised to shared custody. Financial disputes also arose, with Lovejoy ordered to pay Greg a significant sum.
  • Murder Plot: Lovejoy, dissatisfied with the custody arrangements and facing financial obligations to Greg, conspired with her shooting instructor, McDavid, to murder her ex-husband. The plan involved luring Greg to a remote location under false pretenses and shooting him.
  • Legal proceedings: A jury found Lovejoy and McDavid guilty of both attempted murder and murderous conspiracy. They each received prison terms of 26 years to life and 50 years to life.
  • Appeal: Lovejoy and McDavid sought an appeal, but their convictions were upheld, affirming their intent to harm Greg. They remain incarcerated, with parole not possible until 2036 for Lovejoy.


What was the charge against Diana Lovejoy?

Diana Lovejoy was sentenced for endeavored murder and trick to carry out murder for organizing a plot to kill her ex, Greg Mulvihill.

What was the purpose of the plan to kill Diana Lovejoy?

Obviously, Diana Lovejoy needed to try not to need to impart guardianship of her kid to Greg Mulvihill and escape paying for their separation.

What was the consequence of the lawful activities against Diana Lovejoy and her right hand?

Both Lovejoy and her accomplice, McDavid, were found guilty and given lengthy jail sentences. McDavid received a sentence of 50 years to life, while Lovejoy received 26 years to life.

Was there any confirmation supporting Diana Lovejoy’s instances of abuse against Greg Mulvihill?

Examinations tracked down no proof to help Diana Lovejoy’s charges of maltreatment against Greg Mulvihill, which were purportedly utilized as a feature of her legitimization for the separation and guardianship fights.

Has there been any media inclusion of Diana Lovejoy’s case?

Yes, the media has covered Diana Lovejoy’s case, and an NBC Dateline series titled “The Night of the New Moon” provided insight into the circumstances surrounding her crime and trial.

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