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American businessman Justin Tesa is well-known for his financial savvy as well as for being Elle King’s stepfather, who is a really gifted singer and actress. Since they started dating more than 20 years ago, he and London King, King’s mother, have built a loving and supportive life together.

Beyond his forays into the fields of music, real estate, and construction, Tesa has become a vital part of Elle King’s life. He is more than simply her stepfather; he has been a pillar of support, giving her advice and motivation as she works her way through the complicated workings of the music business.

Their journey together is a testament to the strength of their family bond and their shared dedication to Elle King’s musical aspirations. Justin Tesa’s influence extends far beyond the business world, leaving a profound impact on the life and career of Elle King.

Who is Justin Tesa?

Tanner Elle Schneider, who performs as Elle King on stage, has established herself as a well-known singer and actress. She has had her music featured in multiple motion pictures. Her choice to forge her own route in the business rather than depending on her father Rob Schneider’s notoriety as an actor and comedian is what makes her unique. Remarkably, she attributes her artistic journey’s motivation to her stepfather, Justin Tesa.

In an industry where many Celebrity children use their family connections as a springboard, Elle King took a different approach, acknowledging the profound impact of her stepfather. When she spoke about Justin Tesa’s influence on her career, it sparked curiosity among fans eager to learn more about the man who played such a significant role in shaping her artistry.

Here are five truths about Justin Tesa: He hails from Wellstone, Ohio, born in 1970. While he has dabbled in acting and modeling, he gained recognition not just for his own endeavors but also as the former husband of London King, who is both Elle King’s mother and Rob Schneider’s ex-wife. London herself has had a career in acting and modeling.

Rob Schneider, who made his name most famous as “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” was the first spouse of London King. Explore London King’s early life, accomplishments, and career path with this article that provides fascinating details about her extraordinary journey. Learn more about her achievements and life story by continuing to read.

Justin Tesa Bio

American businessman Justin Tesa is well-known for both his commercial endeavors and for being Elle King’s stepfather, a gifted singer and actress. His romance with London King, Elle’s mother, started in 2000, more than twenty years ago. Tesa has made a lasting impact in a number of industries, such as music, building, and real estate.

But beyond his successes in business, Justin Tesa plays a much bigger role in Elle King’s life. He has been a consistent source of encouragement and support, going beyond his role as a stepfather. Elle has benefited greatly from his advice as she follows her aspirations andnavigates the ups and downs of the music business.

Their bond goes beyond mere family ties; it’s a genuine connection built on care and support for Elle King’s artistic journey. Justin Tesa’s influence is palpable in the way he champions Elle’s career, making him not just a stepfather, but a true mentor and ally.

Justin Tesa Wiki

Full NameJustin Tesa
BirthplaceWellstone, Ohio
Birth Year1965
EducationUniversity of Akron graduate
OccupationAmerican businessman with a background in construction, music, and real estate 
Career Highlights– A band member from the early 1990s called The Tesa Brothers 
– In the late 1990s, moved from performing music to managing artists.
– CEO of Tesa Construction, a company that specializes in building homes and businesses 
Net WorthApproximately $2 million
Marital StatusMarried to London King since 2000
Children– Lilly Tesa (born in 2003)
– Elle King, London King’s 1989-born daughter from her previous union with Rob Schneider
Influence on Elle Kingvital in encouraging and bolstering Elle King’s musical career 

Justin Tesa Education

Ohio is Justin Tesa’s birthplace and place of upbringing, and it has always shaped who he is. 1965 marked the year of his birth. He studied with pride, getting a degree from the University of Akron that demonstrated his dedication to personal development and education.

Justin has pursued a variety of career paths throughout his life, rising to prominence in fields including real estate, music, and construction. Every encounter has woven a distinct thread into his life’s fabric, molding him into the person he is now. His journey paints a powerful picture of desire, tenacity, and pursuing one’s goals because it reflects the many places he has gone.

Justin Tesa Age

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Justin Tesa Height

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Justin Tesa Personal life

In 1971, David and Paula King celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Londres, in Ohio. Paula, originally from Wellston, Ohio, has always had strong ties to her hometown. Growing up, she shared countless adventures with her brother, William Scott King, as they navigated the joys of youth together.

Paula now resides in Brooklyn, New York, where the colorful skyline provides a striking backdrop for her life’s narrative. Even though she is far from her roots, she holds great memories of her childhood in Ohio, which have shaped who she is and her future.

Justin Tesa Family

Londres King’s life was built upon a foundation of love and resilience, beginning in Wellston, Ohio, where she was born to David and Paula King. Alongside her brother, William Scott King, she cherished the simple joys of childhood, while also finding her passion for pharmacy during her time at Wellston Pharmacy.

On May 20, 2014, misfortune came to pass for Londres, who at 72 years of Age, abandoned a tradition of strength and solid familial ties. She brought her most memorable youngster, Noah Ruler, into the world at the early age of fifteen, denoting the start of her excursion into parenthood. Londres accepted her job as a young parent with unshakable bravery and love, despite the difficulties and uncertainty that accompanied it.

At eighteen, Londres took a leap into a new chapter of her life by marrying Rob Schneider in 1988. Elle Tanner Schneider, dubbed Elle King, was born into their partnership as their daughter. However, the marriage faced challenges and ended after just two years.

A decade later, in 2000, Londres found enduring love with Justin Tesa, a musician who would become not only her husband but also a loving stepfather to her children. Justin’s influence on Elle King’s musical journey was profound, and his commitment to their family was unwavering.

Despite not being their biological father, Justin wholeheartedly embraced his role as a devoted father to Elle and Noah King. His support and guidance have shaped their lives in immeasurable ways, illustrating the power of love and family beyond blood ties.

The tale of the King family in Londres is one of love, resiliency, and overcoming hardship. They continue to weave a tapestry of harmony and happiness with Justin and their kids, welcoming each day with appreciation and love.

Justin Tesa Career

Tesa’s journey in the music world has been quite the adventure. It all started way back in the early 1990s when he and his buddies came together to form The Tesa Brothers. Their music caught fire with audiences, especially after dropping two albums, “Tesa Brothers” and “Thirsty,” which really put them on the map. And can you imagine, they even got to share stages with rock legends like Aerosmith and Mötley Crüe? Talk about living the dream!

But Tesa didn’t stop there. In the late ’90s, he decided to switch gears and dive into artist management. Working with big names like Elle King, Lilly Tesa, and The Veronicas, he brought his magic touch to the table, especially evident in Elle King’s smash debut album, “Love Stuff.”

Tesa’s enterprising zeal took him into the real estate and construction industries, away from the music industry. Currently, he leads Tesa Construction and is all about turning people’s visions into reality, be it creating a modern commercial space or constructing someone’s ideal home.

Throughout, Tesa has shown that he is more than just a one-trick pony. He is a multitalented individual who blends his love of music with his skills in construction and business. He looks willing to take risks and fully commit to whatever task that is presented to him.

Role as a Stepfather

After getting married to London, Justin assumed the stepfather role with grace and unflinching devotion. Even though Justin is not their biological father, he has taken on the role of raising Elle and Noah King, and he has grown to be very important in their lives. Both Elle and Noah have found unwavering strength in his support and direction as they have navigated the ups and downs of life. Justin’s unwavering love and dedication to his stepchildren are proof of the strength of a family and selfless support.

Influence on Elle King’s Career

Elle King’s journey to becoming a four-time Grammy Award Nominee has Justin at its heart. He’s not just her stepfather; he’s her music mentor and biggest supporter. Justin didn’t just introduce Elle to music; he ignited her passion for it, recognizing her talent from a young age and nurturing it every step of the way.

One significant event occurred when Elle was nine years old and Justin took her to see The Donnas, an all-girl hard-rock group. Elle’s affinity for rock music was kind of like a lightbulb going out. Not only that, but Justin also helped Elle learn how to perform her first song on the guitar, which gave her the confidence and drive to follow her musical goals.

Justin Tesa: The Businessman

Justin wears many hats, and one of them is that of a successful businessman. He’s the proud owner of Crown Print NYC, a printing services company based in New York. But his role in Elle King’s music career goes beyond just being a stepfather; Crown Print NYC has played a crucial role in supporting Elle’s journey in the music industry.

Crown Print NYC has been there, giving its creative expertise to improve Elle’s image and reach, from printing posters to creating distinctive t-shirts and other goods for Elle King’s business. Justin embodies an enterprising attitude and a strong devotion to his family and business in all facets of his existence.

Justin Tesa Net Worth

Justin’s sitting on a cool $2 million, taking into account everything he owns, the cash in his pocket, and the steady stream of income. Most of that cash flow comes straight from his main gig, the one keeping the dollars rolling in.

But here’s the thing about Justin – he’s not one to flash his wealth around. He is all about living a straightforward, practical life. Despite his success, you won’t catch him splurging on flashy things. He’s the type to value experiences and relationships over material possessions, staying grounded no matter how high he climbs.

Justin Tesa Relationship

London and Tesa King wed in the year 2000, and the couple was gifted with a stunning daughter, Lilly Tesa. London, who was formerly well-known for her roles as an actress and model, has discovered her true vocation as a childbirth educator.

In her written work, “The Doula’s Guide to Natural Childbirth,” her commitment is evident. Every page of London’s book exudes her passion for empowering women through safe delivery experiences. She has established herself as a reliable source for expectant women, offering not only her experience but also her sincere wish to support them as they confidently and calmly navigate this life-changing experience.

Justin Tesa Children

Tesa’s a proud parent to two wonderful kids. Lilly Tesa, born in 2003, is his daughter with his wife, London King. And then there’s Elle King, born in 1989. She’s London’s daughter from her previous marriage to actor Rob Schneider. Despite the blended family dynamic, they all share a deep bond and support one another through thick and thin.


American businessman Justin Tesa is well-known for his varied career in construction, real estate, and music. He was born in 1965 in Wellstone, Ohio, and earned his degree from Akron University. Before moving into talent management in the early 1990s, Tesa was a founding member of The Tesa Brothers band. He has a net worth of about $2 million and serves as the CEO of Tesa Construction. Elle King, a well-known singer and actress, has a loving stepfather since her marriage to London King in 2000. As Elle’s mentor and ally, Tesa has had a significant impact on her career.


  • Early Life: Born in 1965 in Wellstone, Ohio, Tesa pursued education at the University of Akron.
  • Career Highlights: Co-founded The Tesa Brothers band, transitioned to artist management, and now leads Tesa Construction.
  • Marital Status: Married to London King since 2000, with two children: Lilly Tesa and Elle King.
  • Influence on Elle King: Played a crucial role in encouraging and bolstering her musical career.
  • Net Worth: About $2 million is his net worth, mostly from his business endeavors.


What is Justin Tesa’s occupation?

Justin Tesa is an American businessman with a background in construction, music, and real estate. He co-founded The Tesa Brothers band and is currently the CEO of Tesa Construction.

How did Justin Tesa influence Elle King’s career?

Tesa assumed a critical part in Elle Lord’s profession as her stepfather and guide. He acquainted her with music very early on, sustained her ability, and offered help and direction all through her excursion in the music business.

What is Justin Tesa’s total assets?

Justin Tesa’s total assets is around $2 million, got from his different business attempts, including land, development, and music.

Who is Justin Tesa married to?

Justin Tesa is married to London King since 2000. London King is Elle King’s mother and a former actress and model.

How many children does Justin Tesa have?

Lilly Tesa, born in 2003 with Justin Tesa’s wife London King, and Elle King, born in 1989 from London’s former marriage to actor Rob Schneider, are the couple’s two children.

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