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Elizabeth Huberdeau Bio, Education, Age, Husband, Kids, Career, Net Worth And More

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

The world originally became mindful of famous land engineer and finance manager Elizabeth Huberdeau when she was associated with WWE Whiz John Cena. Her accomplishments and expert way are as yet amazing all by themselves.

This piece delves further into Elizabeth Huberdeau’s career, highlighting her notable accomplishments, previous jobs, and present duties. We’ll commemorate her accomplishments as a well-known person in her business and honor her services to the real estate sector.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Wiki

Full NameElizabeth Huberdeau
NicknameLiz Cena
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 1979
Place of BirthWest Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S
ProfessionBusinesswoman, real estate developer
Marital StatusDivorced
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Huberdeau was brought into the world on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. While insights concerning her folks and any kin stay obscure, her initial life has been connected to her relationship with WWE Hotshot John Cena.

Elizabeth and John Cena are said to have been high school sweethearts. Though the exact high school Elizabeth attended isn’t specified, Cena attended both Central Catholic High School and Cushing Academy, both located in Massachusetts. It’s possible that they met at one of these schools.

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Elizabeth attended Springfield College, the same Massachusetts college which John Cena attended after graduating from high school. She may have majored in business management, although other sources claim she concentrated on real estate management. Her exact major is unknown. As opposed to this, John Cena earned a bachelor’s degree in body movement and exercise physiology.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Age

Elizabeth Huberdeau commended her 40th birthday celebration on September 28, 2019. While her definite level isn’t well known, her presence and achievements in the land business say a lot about her height in her expert field.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Husband

Before her union with John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau wasn’t well known. She and Cena are accepted to have been secondary school darlings, however the subtleties of their initial relationship stay private.

On July 11, 2009, Elizabeth and John secured the bunch in their old neighborhood. Cena had reported their approaching marriage before that year during the advancement of his film, 12 Rounds, which was one of a handful of the times he freely talked about Elizabeth before their wedding.

In any case, their marriage confronted difficulties, and in May 2012, almost three years after their wedding, Cena petitioned for legal separation. The split was purportedly set off by conflicts over home renovating. The separation was finished in July 2012. Elizabeth and her lawful group thought disloyalty on Cena’s part, feeling his choice to end the marriage was abrupt. Regardless of these doubts, the particular subtleties of their separation stay private. Cena later conceded that the separation was a troublesome period for him, particularly following his misfortune to The Stone at WrestleMania that year.

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John Cena’s profession stretches out past wrestling; he is likewise a television host, rapper, and entertainer. Brought into the world on April 23, 1977, and brought up in West Newbury, Massachusetts, Cena has a different legacy that incorporates Italian, French-Canadian, and English roots. He was raised in the Catholic confidence. Elizabeth Huberdeau remains his solitary spouse to date.

The Life of Elizabeth Huberdeau Following Her Divorce from John Cena 

You may be wondering what Elizabeth Huberdeau has been doing following her breakup with John Cena. You might be surprised by the response. Elizabeth made the decision to withdraw from the spotlight and focus on starting again after her divorce.

So, what is she doing now? Elizabeth has made some smart moves since the divorce. She has delved into the real estate industry, showcasing her business acumen. Her attention has been well-directed away from the limelight and relationship troubles by concentrating on real estate ventures.

She prefers solitude, therefore hardly much about her personal life is known to the public. However, it’s clear that Elizabeth is leading a quiet, focused life away from the wrestling rings and media attention. Rest assured, our resilient and savvy beauty is doing just fine post-Cena.

Elizabeth Huberdeau kids

Elizabeth Huberdeau did not bear children throughout her protracted courtship and short marriage to John Cena. John allegedly wanted to live a simple life with just his spouse. Considering that he has worked closely with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant the desires of more than 500 youngsters with terminal diseases, this may come as a surprise. Seeing a famous person devoid of conceit and making an effort to improve the lives of others is really touching.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Career

Have you ever taken a deep dive into Elizabeth Huberdeau’s life, unraveling her career achievements? Get ready for an intriguing journey! Elizabeth became well-known after she married Cena, but she’s not only a well-known wife; she’s a successful businesswoman.

It may surprise you to hear that Elizabeth has developed fruitful collaborations with well-known companies, all while staying out of the spotlight. While she isn’t plastered on our screens or billboards, her impact echoes loudly in the real estate realm, where her influence is unmistakable.

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Exploring Huberdeau’s career reveals a captivating story of quiet yet significant triumphs. From the unassuming girl next door to the respected developer and valued collaborator – she has crafted an impressive path for herself, even if much of it unfolds away from public view.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Achievements 

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s prominence in the real estate sector has been cemented as she has left her imprint.

Her active participation in a range of real estate endeavors, spanning from construction to refurbishment, amply demonstrates her dedication and proficiency in the domain.

Elizabeth has had personal setbacks, yet her tenacity and real estate achievements demonstrate her spirit of entrepreneurship.

Overall, her journey from the spotlight of her marriage and divorce with WWE Superstar John Cena to her flourishing career in real estate is remarkable.

As a successful real estate agent and developer, Elizabeth’s achievements highlight her ability to thrive in a competitive field.

Despite navigating through personal storms, Elizabeth has emerged as a resilient businesswoman, focusing on real estate ventures that have not only provided financial stability but also professional fulfillment.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

With her work as a real estate agent, Elizabeth Huberdeau has achieved financial security, enabling her to lead a nice life. From creating and trading properties to purchasing and refurbishing residential and commercial structures, her job encompasses a variety of real estate-related operations.

Following her divorce from Cena, Elizabeth also received a settlement package, although her exact net worth remains undisclosed. Cena, with a net worth estimated at around $60 million, undoubtedly contributed to this settlement.

Elizabeth’s business and personal interests have flourished despite the anguish of her divorce. Her path from being married to her high school love to readjusting to life after divorce is an inspiration to tenacity and maximizing obstacles in life. This serves as a reminder that despite.

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  • Early Life and Tutoring: Brought into the world on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Huberdeau’s underlying life is by and large associated with her relationship with WWE Superstar John Cena. She likely went to Springfield School, where Cena moreover considered.
  • Association with John Cena: Elizabeth and John Cena were optional school sweethearts who got the bundle on July 11, 2009. Nevertheless, their marriage stood up to challenges, and Cena appealed to for legitimate partition in May 2012, refering to conflicts over home upgrades.
  • Business in Land: Following her detachment from Cena, Elizabeth chose to move back from the endlessly focus on her calling in land. She has been locked in with various land endeavors, including improvement, remodel, and property trading.
  • Individual Life: Elizabeth Huberdeau slants toward security and has gotten her own life a long way from the media. She didn’t have youths during her association with Cena.
  • Complete resources: While Elizabeth’s exact all out resources stays undisclosed, her calling in land, joined with a repayment from her partition from Cena, has given her financial security and unfaltering quality.


Elizabeth Huberdeau, known for her union with WWE Genius John Cena, has cut out a fruitful profession in the land business. Notwithstanding the difficulties in her own life, including a profoundly plugged separate, Elizabeth has zeroed in on her expert undertakings, displaying her business sharpness and versatility.


What is Elizabeth Huberdeau known for?

Elizabeth Huberdeau procured starting reputation through her association with WWE Superstar John Cena. In any case, she has similarly set out a strong groundwork for herself as a productive money supervisor in the land business.

Did Elizabeth Huberdeau have messes with John Cena?

No, Elizabeth Huberdeau didn’t have children during her association with John Cena. Cena purportedly expected to continue with an essential presence with basically his soul mate.

What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s job past her association with John Cena?

Elizabeth Huberdeau has focused in on her calling in land, where she has been locked in with various undertakings like turn of events, remodel, and property trading.

What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s complete resources?

While Elizabeth’s positive all out resources isn’t openly uncovered, her viable work in land, got together with a repayment from her detachment from John Cena, has given her financial trustworthiness.

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