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Jon Eicholtz is a respected American real estate developer and investor, architectural engineer and philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the field of architecture. He became famous for leading teams of designers in charge of iconic buildings all over the world, thereby showcasing his remarkable architectural prowess. His accomplishments in the business have earned him an exalted place among his colleagues.

Besides, Jon gained more popularity when he married the well-known actress Barbara Eden. This couple has celebrated 28 years of marriage together happily, exhibiting a strong and lasting relationship. Despite this, Jon insists on keeping certain areas of his private life from prying eyes; even details about his first wife are hidden away from public scrutiny. However, there are many things that point to John’s love for Barbara and their lives together.

Moreover, both Jon and Barbara are strongly committed to giving back to society. To make this happen they launched an initiative whose goal is providing scholarships for those who deserve it most. This enterprise assists the youth in fulfilling their academic aspirations as well as passions thus indicating how much they care about tomorrow’s leaders. By dint of their charitable works and commitment to humanitarian causes, they remain inspirational figures for many people.

Jon Eicholtz Wiki

Full NameJon Eicholtz
First NameJon
Last NameEicholtz
Professionreal estate developer
Birth CityTopeka
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried

Who Is Jon Eicholtz?

One of the names that Jon Eicholtz is referred to even in non-professional circles. Although he is widely known as the husband of Barbara Eden, he can boast of his own achievements. Born in America’s heartland, Eicholtz made a name for himself both in architecture and real estate.

His education at Kansas University was instrumental in shaping his career, which would be marked by innovation and expertise. The transformation of an indigenous Kansan into an eminent professional image-maker has been partly achieved through hard work and innate talent. Besides being diversified through venturing into real estate with its own set of challenges that he overcame, thus adding another layer to his company’s portfolio. Eicholtz’ story behind this celebrity veneer speaks volumes about accomplishment and discretion.

Though it was one important chapter written when he married Eden, it never eclipsed his professional acumen. Eicholtz embodies the quintessential American success story where determination meets opportunity. His tale serves as motivation for countless individuals reminding them that there is more to every star than meets the eye.

Jon Eicholtz Biography

Jon Eicholtz is a product of Topeka, Kansas yet he has never divulged his age. Some believe that his birth year was around 1938 or 1939. If this were true, then he would be seven years younger than his wife named Barbara Eden. He got the name Jon Truesdale Eicholtz at birth. Jon tries to keep all information about his parents as well as if there are any siblings private.

He graduated from Kansas University in 1962 with distinguished background in architectural engineering. Since then, he has worked for over half a century in the construction and real estate fields leading him to work on numerous architectural projects and managing global building sites.

One of these notable accomplishments include when he became project manager for Commerce Tower, a thirty-story skyscraper that is one of Kansas City, Missouri’s most famous buildings. His wide spanning experience and expertise have ensured that he remains an important person within this industry by dint of inventiveness and good leadership throughout his long career.

Nevertheless, with fame accruing alongside having wedded Barbara Eden, Jon Eicholtz always separates his professional achievements from personal life’s accomplishments. Together they engaged in philanthropy by starting initiatives aimed at assisting financially deserving students through school thereby giving to society with an aim of shaping the future generations.

Jon Eicholtz Education

Once upon a time, Jon Eicholtz was born as a little boy in a place that seemed to be out of a fairy tale. Jon had an enormous imagination and loved playing with building blocks from when he was young. But these were not ordinary blocks; in the mind of Jon, they turned into palatial mansions and sky-piercing edifices. As he grew older so did his love for constructing beautiful structures.

Jon joined the University of Kansas, a prestigious college campus that could be referred to as ‘Hogwarts’ for architects and realtors. Rather than learning how to cast spells, Jon dedicated himself to architectural design and property development instead of doing magic spells. He studied very hard, trying to grasp everything about creating homes and construction schemes. It was at the university where he learned all that it takes to become great architect cum superhero in the field of real estate.

After he graduated was through with his studies at school, Jon started an amazing career that took him across America as well as across continents. He participated in many architectural schemes and managed some big construction projects too. An example is Commerce Tower which is located in Kansas City Missouri; this is one among his major achievements as project manager on it; it is 30-story tall skyscraper being an epitome of his expertise and dedication.

Jon Eicholtz Before Fame

Before Jon Eicholtz became famous as an architect and real estate developer, or before people knew him as the actress Barbara Eden’s loving husband, he was a curious little boy about world around him.

His early life was spent in Topeka, Kansas, which had different kinds of beautiful landscapes that fascinated him with buildings and design. With the creative environment that praised architectural aesthetics and innovation surrounding him, his passion for architecture began to grow.

Jon had always been interested in details since his childhood days and this made him be involved in so many creative projects. And throughout his professional career they were developed further by a supportive family and community. His ascension to fame in architecture and real estate originated from these humble beginnings where he nurtured his ambitions while perfecting his talent.

The formative years Jon spent in Topeka played significant roles in shaping his worldview as well as future occupation. They directed him into being an accomplished architect and real estate expert proving that early experiences become the cradle of success.

Jon Eicholtz Career

She has had a diverse and successful career as shown in a photo of him with his wife, Barbara Eden. Jon is portrayed in this Instagram image as a philanthropist, an architect-engineer, and real estate tycoon. He has contributed significantly to the design of structures like the 30-storey Commerce Tower found in Kansas City.

Apart from his professional achievements, Jon is known for being married to famous actress Barbara Eden.

Barbara holds many talents as she is an accomplished singer and producer apart from being an actress herself. She rose to fame for her role as Jeannie in the TV sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie” which ran from 1965 through 1970. Some of her notable roles include Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors in 1961 and Stella Johnson, a single mother who lost her husband, in 1978—this led to the launch of a successful two-season television show. On November 17th, 1988, she was awarded with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame acknowledging her outstanding contribution to television acting.

Moreover, on April 5th, Barbara published an autobiography that she wrote. The memoir debuted at No.14 on The New York Times Best Seller List and gives readers an intimate look into both sides of her life – personal and professional. It chronicles her childhood years until she became famous; it also talks about those that acted alongside her during these times. Also shed light are some details concerning three marriages: Michael Ansara (1958-1974), Charles Fegert (1977-1982) plus Jon Eicholtz since they wedded each other in 1991 up to now. Significantly too is how much came out emotionally following Matthew Ansara’s demise caused by drug overdose somewhere around year two thousand one which have been encompassed with though by Barbara’s publication.

Jon Eicholtz Personal Life

In 1988, Jon Eicholtz met Barbara Eden the celebrated ballerina, singer and actress. Nevertheless, they embarked on dating possibilities soon thereafter even though Barbara was cautious about it due to past experiences. They had courted for about two years when they married on January 5, 1991 at Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco after which a private wedding ceremony followed attended only by the immediate families and a few close friends.

Jon and Barbara have been happily married throughout their twenty-eight years of marriage against all odds with each passing day bringing them closer together than ever before. They never had a child together.

However, prior to her marriage to him Jon had formerly been once wedded but remains tight-lipped about details regarding his previous marriage such as whether he fathered any children or not. However, this was not the case with Barbra’. Firstly, she divorced Michael Ansara – an accomplished actor – who she met during a blind date. In total her first husband’s name was Matthew Ansara whom she bore in 1965 after seventeen years of staying together. Additionally, while still married to Michael; Barbra lost her baby who died before birth making it one of the reasons for their fractured relationship.. Their son Matthew died aged thirty five as a result of heroin overdose in 2001 while Michael died from Alzheimer complications in 2013.

Barbara’s second marriage took place in 1977 with Charles Fegert; nonetheless it ended five years later in divorce being brought into end by Charles’ association with bad crowd that dealt him drug addiction and violence towards his wife Barbara himself.

Parents and Siblings

Just like in a storybook where every hero has a family, Jon Eicholtz also comes from a place filled with love and laughter. Imagine a cozy house where stories and dreams are shared at the dinner table—that’s where Jon’s tale begins. Even though we don’t know their names, Jon’s mom and dad played a big part in his journey, just like your parents help you with your homework and teach you right from wrong. Jon grew up with brothers and sisters too!

Think of them as his first team, kind of like the friends you have fun with or the teammates you play soccer with. They shared adventures, built forts, and played games together. These early days with his family helped Jon learn about caring, sharing, and being there for others. Just like you and your siblings or cousins might create amazing memories, Jon’s family gave him the building blocks to become the kind, successful man he is today. So, even though we don’t have their pictures or know all their names, Jon’s parents and siblings are super important characters in the story of his life.

Wife and Girlfriend

Wife and Girlfriend

Just imagine having a friend who’s always there for you, like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly, Well Jon Eicholtz is the best friend of Barbara Eden who you perhaps may know as Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie.” They decided to be friends for life on January 5, 1991. That’s another way of saying they got married. And just like in your favorite fairy tales, they had a big celebration where they promised that they will always be there for each other.

But Jon is not just a husband, he represents the hero in a love story who consistently encourages Barbara in all her endeavors such as acting and philanthropy. Imagine him clapping the loudest at her shows or helping her pick out the most adorable dress. Things like going to elegant functions and making others feel happy are some of the things that make their lives enjoyable together. They are like superheroes but instead of fighting against villains, they spread love and joy everywhere they go. By the end we see that every day becomes a little bit brighter when there is someone special next to you, as shown by jon & barbara’s Joint adventure.

Jon Eicholtz Physical Appearance

In the realm of measuring superhero status, metrics like age, height, and weight may not define one’s prowess, but they certainly aid in painting a vivid picture. Enter Jon Eicholtz, our modern-day hero sans cape, whose years of living have been enriched with wisdom and experience.

At 5 feet 7 inches tall, Jon may not tower over others, yet his stature is perfectly suited for both crafting architectural marvels and standing proudly alongside the likes of Barbara Eden. As for weight, delving into such details feels akin to prying into a magician’s secrets – simply not done.

What can be unequivocally stated is Jon’s magnetic charm, capable of illuminating any space with a radiance akin to starlight. Picture someone whose mere gaze can infuse a sense of reassurance, a feeling that all will be well. That’s Jon, with his gentle eyes and a smile that narrates tales of adventure, love, and boundless generosity.

Jon Eicholtz Net Worth

Jon Eicholtz’s financial landscape depicts a narrative of remarkable success. His endeavors in architecture and real estate have yielded substantial returns, culminating in a well-diversified portfolio and an estimated net worth of approximately $10 million. This impressive financial standing is the product of years of unwavering dedication and shrewd investment acumen.

Eicholtz’s projects serve as tangible evidence of his expertise and forward-thinking vision, underscoring his significant influence within the industry. While his marriage to Barbara Eden undoubtedly adds to his public profile, his financial accomplishments stand independently on their own merits.

Each dollar earned in his journey narrates a tale of foresight and industriousness. Eicholtz’s financial trajectory serves as an inspiration to many within his field, illustrating how passion and skill can pave the way to prosperity. Beyond mere wealth accumulation, his story epitomizes the creation of a lasting and impactful legacy.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Jon Eicholtz resembles a hidden treasure nestled within a majestic castle, opting for a more reserved presence on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, where tales and images are shared freely. Much like a secluded garden, Jon treasures his adventures and enchanting moments with Barbara and their close circle, preferring to keep them guarded from the public eye. It’s akin to discovering that perfect hiding spot in a game of hide and seek; Jon revels in the joy and vibrancy of life, away from the clamor of clicks and likes. So, although his selfies may not grace our feeds and his stories remain untold online, rest assured, Jon is weaving magic in the tangible world, spreading warmth and benevolence wherever his path may lead.

Hobbies of Jon Eicholtz

  • Jon’s passion for construction transcends mere structures, extending to the intricate world of tabletop models, reminiscent of childhood days spent with toy blocks.
  • Venturing into new realms with Barbara constitutes a cherished pastime, akin to embarking on citywide treasure hunts brimming with discovery and adventure.
  • Immersing himself in fantastical narratives, Jon finds solace in the pages of books, uncovering hidden secrets and magical realms.
  • Within his garden, Jon fosters a vibrant oasis, cultivating a colorful wonderland that evokes the enchantment of a fairy’s abode.
  • Fueling his artistic fervor, Jon sketches and paints, breathing life into the magnificent buildings that inhabit his dreams.
  • His benevolence shines through his eagerness to impart knowledge and skills, empowering others to forge their paths in the realms of building and design.
  • Yet, amidst his myriad pursuits, Jon holds dear the moments spent with his family, crafting timeless memories imbued with boundless happiness and love.

Interesting Facts About Jon Eicholtz

  • Jon once fashioned a miniature house model entirely from memory, showcasing his extraordinary ability to visualize and create without external reference.
  • With his extensive travels spanning numerous destinations, Jon’s adventures have surpassed mere counting, embodying the spirit of a daring explorer.
  • Amidst the opulence of a lavish ball, Jon encountered a genuine prince and princess, stepping into a realm akin to a fairy tale for the evening.
  • Jon’s adoration for chocolate knows no bounds, envisioning him amidst a mountain of chocolate bars, indulging in his favorite treat whenever the craving strikes.
  • Renowned for his compassion, Jon harbors a soft spot for animals, particularly fluffy bunnies, embodying the role of a gentle giant as he cares for his diminutive, hoppy companions with affection and tenderness.


Jon Eicholtz is a renowned American real estate developer, architectural engineer, and philanthropist who has left an indelible mark on the fields of architecture and construction. His illustrious career spans decades, marked by innovative projects and significant contributions to the built environment. Despite his notable achievements, Jon maintains a humble and private demeanor, choosing to focus on his work and philanthropic endeavors rather than seeking the limelight. Married to the esteemed actress Barbara Eden, Jon’s personal life is a testament to enduring love and commitment. Together, they champion charitable initiatives aimed at empowering future generations through education and opportunity.


Q: What is Jon Eicholtz’s profession?

A: Jon Eicholtz is a real estate developer, architectural engineer, and philanthropist.

Q: Who is Barbara Eden to Jon Eicholtz?

A: Barbara Eden is Jon Eicholtz’s wife, a celebrated actress known for her iconic role in the TV sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Q: What are some notable achievements of Jon Eicholtz?

A: Jon Eicholtz has worked on numerous architectural projects globally, including serving as the project manager for the Commerce Tower, a renowned skyscraper in Kansas City, Missouri.

Q: What is Jon Eicholtz’s net worth?

A: Jon Eicholtz’s estimated net worth is approximately $10 million, amassed through his successful career in real estate and construction.

Q: What philanthropic initiatives are Jon Eicholtz and Barbara Eden involved in?

A: Jon and Barbara are committed to giving back to society, particularly through initiatives aimed at providing scholarships to deserving students, thereby supporting education and empowering future leaders.

Q: What are some hobbies and interests of Jon Eicholtz?

A: Jon Eicholtz enjoys constructing tabletop models, exploring new places with Barbara, immersing himself in literature, gardening, painting, and fostering his artistic talents. He also has a fondness for animals, particularly bunnies.

Q: Is Jon Eicholtz active on social media?

A: Jon Eicholtz maintains a reserved presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, preferring to keep his personal life private and focus on his real-world endeavors.

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