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Who is Jamie Hartwright?

Jamie Hartwright, daughter of the famous American judge and TV personality, Judge Judy Sheindlin, has caught the public’s eye thanks to her notable family lineage. While not much is known about Jamie’s personal life and professional endeavors, her connection to her well-known mother has certainly turned heads. As one of Judge Judy’s five children, Jamie prefers to keep a low profile, gracefully handling the spotlight and public interest surrounding her family.

Jamie Hartwright Biography

In 1966, Jamie Hartwright was born into a busy New York City, embarking on her adventure with her parents, Ronald Levy and Judy Sheindlin. Jamie will turn 57 in 2023, and throughout her life, she has witnessed her family change and expand. As time went on, her siblings, Jonathan Sheindlin, Gregory Sheindlin, Nicole Sheindlin, and Adam Levy, joined the family, bringing even more energy to their home.

Despite her mom’s fame, Judy Hartwright, known for her TV gigs and legal prowess, Jamie prefers to keep things low-key. As the proud eldest child of the iconic “Judge Judy” host, Judith Sheindlin, Jamie steers her life with a blend of poise and privacy.


Full NameJamie Gail Levy
Also Known AsJamie Hartwright, Jamie
Age57 years
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 1966
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Famous ForDaughter of Judy Sheindlin
Mother NameJudy Sheindlin
Father NameRonald Levy
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandMichael Hartwright
Charity$500,000 to Miami University
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Jamie Hartwright Education And Occupation

Jamie Hartwright’s background and career path remain a mystery. Despite her mother’s fame as a judge, Jamie has successfully kept herself away from the limelight. It’s evident that privacy is incredibly important to Jamie, and she has deliberately chosen to lead a quiet and private life.

Jamie Hartwright Age

Born in the vibrant city of New York on February 2, 1966, Jamie Hartwright is now 57 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are known for their independence and creative thinking, making them intellectually gifted individuals with a unique and innovative outlook on life.

Jamie Hartwright Height

Jamie Hartwright has a commanding presence, standing tall at a remarkable height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her mesmerizing blue eyes add a captivating allure to her look. Furthermore, Jamie has a slender and well-proportioned figure that perfectly matches her overall demeanor.

Jamie Hart Wright’s Parents

Judy Sheindlin Her Mother

In American television, Judy Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy, is a highly esteemed figure. She has gained notoriety from her work as a media personality, TV producer, and arbitrator on court shows. Her rise to stardom began with the success of her television show “Judge Judy,” in which she assertively and candidly decided small claims disputes. On October 21, 1942, Judy was born in Brooklyn, New York. Before taking a well-known role in showbiz, she started her career as a Manhattan Family Court judge.

Apart from her job on television, Judge Judy is well-known for her charity endeavors, demonstrating a resolute dedication to a range of humanitarian issues. Having published many books that highlight her knowledge and abilities outside of the courtroom, she is also a gifted writer.

Jamie Hartwright Her Father

Jamie Hartwright’s father is Ronald Levy, and Judy Sheindlin was once married to him. They had two children together, Jamie and Adam Levy. But their relationship’s specifics—such as how they met and the terms of their marriage—remain a secret. Information about Ronald Levy’s professional and personal life is kept private.

Jamie Hartwright Personal Life

Born in 1966 as the first child of Judge Judy Sheindlin and Ronald Levy, a juvenile prosecutor, Jamie Hartwright was originally named Jamie Gail Levy. Jamie, in contrast to her well-known mother, has consciously opted for a more private existence and has avoided the spotlight. She’s part of a larger family, with four siblings, including her younger brother, Adam Levy, who, like their parents, has pursued a legal career.

Jamie has been successful in maintaining the privacy of her personal life. She has not revealed any information on her career background or marital status. However, one intriguing aspect is her decision to change her name from Gail Levy to Jamie Hartwright. Despite her reserved nature, it’s interesting to note that her parents, who host the show ‘Judy Justice,’ have officiated the weddings of their own children, adding a personal touch to their public personas.


The Levy-Sheindlin siblings are a fascinating and successful family, with each one forging their own distinct career path.

First, there’s Adam Levy, who followed in their parents’ footsteps and made a mark in the legal arena as the district attorney for Putnam County, New York.

Nicole Sheindlin took a broader approach, going beyond the courtroom to make a difference. She teamed up with Judge Judy to launch the ‘Her Honor Mentoring’ initiative, showcasing her dedication to human rights and advocacy for gender equality.

On a different note, Jonathan Sheindlin ventured into a completely different field – medicine. Born in 1966 as the first child of Judge Judy Sheindlin and Ronald Levy, a juvenile prosecutor, Jamie Hartwright was originally named Jamie Gail Levy. Jamie, in contrast to her well-known mother, has consciously opted for a more private existence or has avoided the spotlight.

Philanthropy and Compassion

Jamie Hartwright and her husband Michael Hartwright demonstrated their immense compassion with a surprising gesture of kindness in a society that values privacy. The pair, who generally keep to themselves, gained notoriety in 2017 when they gave a massive $500,000 donation to the University of Miami.

Making a significant impact was the true motivation for their giving, not just the money. By offering scholarships, they aimed to assist students who were experiencing financial difficulties. Their real concern for improving the world, particularly among the academic community, was evident in their outgoing friendliness and compassion.

Even though Jamie and Michael would rather be alone, their dedication to give back to their community says a lot about who they are as people. Their choice to assist students in their academic endeavors is a reflection of their fervent desire to improve the lives of others.

Jamie Hartwright Net Worth

The exact net worth of Jamie Hartwright is somewhat elusive, mainly because there’s not much public information about her income sources. However, her mother, Judge Judy, is known for her remarkable financial success, boasting an impressive net worth of $440 million.

Why Jamie Hartwright Parent’s Divorce?

Gail and her brother, who were born just two years apart, were the absolute center of their mom’s world. Judge Judy put her career on hold to be there for them every step of the way, something she did gladly because she’d always dreamed of being a hands-on mom.

As the kids got older, Judge Judy started feeling the pull to get back into her professional life. She went after a Master’s degree in Family Law and, once she finished her studies, made a triumphant return to her career. But this decision didn’t sit well with her husband Ronald, who wanted her to stay at home.

Judy considered her career to be her passion rather than just her job. Their divergent perspectives on work and family caused a strain in their marriage that ultimately resulted in divorce. Judge Judy couldn’t get rid of the animosity that grew between them over their divergent views on her work, despite the fact that she thought Ronald was a wonderful man. As a result, they decided to part ways.

Her Mother has been Married Thrice

Judge Judy reconnected with love with her second husband, Jerry Sheindlin, following a brief period of singledom. Though their initial meeting was a little awkward, they eventually met paths in a pub in New York City where they were both practicing law. Judy was skeptical at first, but they quickly found a connection and started dating; a few months later, they were married.

After 13 years of marriage, they went through a difficult period as Judy’s father, Murray Blum, passed away in the early 1990s. Judy thought she needed Jerry’s help more during this trying time. She took the difficult choice to start the divorce paperwork after feeling unheard.

However, their separation didn’t last long, and they remarried in 1991. Both Judy and Jerry realized how much they missed each other and were determined to rekindle their happiness together. They understood that everyone has their flaws and decided to work through their issues rather than giving up on each other.

Jamie Hartwright: Navigating Family Dynamics and Divorce Challenges

Judge Judy and her husband Ronald Levy clashed over their differing views on her career. While Judy was passionate about her work, Ronald preferred her to focus on being a homemaker for their children. He didn’t fully understand the importance of Judy’s career, seeing it more as a hobby than a serious job. This caused frequent arguments about their priorities and the amount of time Judy devoted to her work versus their family.

Judy was annoyed by Ronald’s viewpoint, but they were both steadfast in their convictions and unable to compromise. Their divorce was ultimately caused by the pressure in their marriage. Despite the separation, Judy still acknowledged Ronald as a good person, recognizing the challenges of balancing career aspirations with family expectations.

Jamie Hartwright Has Siblings

Gail Jamie Hartwright has a special family setup with four siblings. Her only biological brother, Adam Scott Levy, was born two years after her, on October 9, 1968. The other three siblings, Gregory Everett Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin, are from her mother’s marriage to Jerry. Even though Jamie is the oldest, she cherishes her role in this blended family, valuing the bonds with both her biological and step-siblings.


  1. Birth and Family Background: Jamie Hartwright, born Jamie Gail Levy on February 2, 1966, in New York, USA, is the daughter of renowned TV personality and judge, Judy Sheindlin, and her former husband, Ronald Levy. She has five siblings: Adam Levy, Gregory Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin.
  2. Education: Jamie attended the University of Miami, where she studied psychology.
  3. Professional Career: Although details about Jamie’s professional life remain undisclosed, she has been involved in the entertainment industry, working in various roles such as producer and director for television programs. Currently, she serves as an executive producer on her mother’s show, “Judge Judy.”
  4. Personal Life: Jamie is married to Michael Hartwright and has chosen to lead a private life away from the public eye, in contrast to her famous mother.
  5. Philanthropy: Jamie and her husband made a significant donation of $500,000 to the University of Miami, demonstrating their commitment to supporting education and their community.
  6. Name Change: Jamie changed her name from Jamie Gail Levy to Jamie Hartwright at some point in her life, for reasons undisclosed.


Jamie Hartwright, the daughter of Judge Judy Sheindlin, was born in 1966 in New York City. Despite her mother’s fame, Jamie has maintained a low profile, preferring privacy over public attention. She pursued a degree in psychology at the University of Miami and later entered the entertainment industry, where she has worked behind the scenes on various television programs. Jamie now serves as an executive producer on her mother’s show, “Judge Judy.” Alongside her husband, Michael Hartwright, Jamie has shown generosity through a substantial donation to the University of Miami. Despite her reserved nature, Jamie’s contributions and family ties remain noteworthy.


What is Jamie Hartwright’s occupation?

Jamie Hartwright’s specific occupation is undisclosed, but she has been involved in the entertainment industry, working behind the scenes as a producer and director. Currently, she serves as an executive producer on her mother’s show, “Judge Judy.”

Who are Jamie Hartwright’s parents?

Jamie Hartwright’s parents are Judy Sheindlin, known as Judge Judy, and Ronald Levy.

What is Jamie Hartwright’s marital status?

Jamie Hartwright is married to Michael Hartwright.

What philanthropic activities has Jamie Hartwright been involved in?

Jamie Hartwright and her husband made a significant donation of $500,000 to the University of Miami, demonstrating their commitment to supporting education.

Why did Jamie Hartwright change her name?

The reason behind Jamie Hartwright’s name change from Jamie Gail Levy is not disclosed in public information.

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