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The recent split of Brighton Butler, a prominent figure in the fashion world, has become a hot topic online. Brighton, known for her successful career as an influencer and fashion blogger, shocked many when she filed for divorce from Duncan Butler. This move has sparked intense curiosity about the reasons behind their decision.

There has been much conjecture, even if the precise reason behind their breakup is still unknown. Some speculate that it may be adultery, while others propose that parenting philosophies differ. Whatever the cause, the public is curious to know what brought about this unexpected turn of events.

Brighton’s personal life has come to the forefront due to this circumstance, igniting conversations about her parenting style, job, and relationship with Duncan. In addition to providing details on the rumors circulating about the divorce, this piece will examine Brighton’s successful job and her role as a mother.

Are Brighton Butler Divorce Rumors True? 

The recent confirmation of Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler’s decision to divorce has left many surprised. Despite filing for divorce earlier in 2024, the news only recently gained attention, especially since they were seen as a deeply loving couple. Their split has sparked widespread curiosity and led to various speculations about what might have caused it.

The couple is currently making court appearances, working out the details of their divorce, and handling the legal elements of their separation. There is a sense of anticipation regarding custody arrangements and their plans for post-divorce parenting as there has not been a definitive decision made.

Brighton and Duncan Butler have chosen to keep quiet about the details of their divorce, opting for privacy during this challenging time. It’s important to respect their need for space as they navigate this difficult process. Their situation highlights the complexities that come with having a public presence while dealing with personal relationships.

Speculations Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

Speculations Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler’s once-promising union has sadly come to an end. While much of the details remain under wraps, there’s been a flurry of speculation and theories circulating, shedding light on the challenges they faced during their legal battles and custody disputes.

The first hints of trouble surfaced when Brighton took off her ring, signaling to keen observers that their relationship was in jeopardy. The subsequent leak of their divorce news set off a wave of discussions, with Reddit buzzing with assumptions and theories.

An insider provided some insights into the situation, defending Brighton while revealing a troubling aspect of their relationship. Allegedly, Duncan battled addiction, and Brighton endured his abusive behavior for an extended period. This revelation raised questions about whether they rushed into marriage despite presenting a facade of deep love.

Duncan’s mysterious absence only fueled further speculation, with many wondering where he is. Reports suggest he’s in rehab, grappling with his addiction issues. Financial dependency added another layer of strain to their relationship, adding to the complex reasons behind their breakup. As their personal struggles come to light, Brighton and Duncan Butler’s divorce narrative reflects the intricate nature of relationships in the public eye.

Who is Brighton Butler?

Brighton Butler

Yes, that’s right! Brighton Butler is indeed a widely recognized fashion blogger and social media influencer. Born on December 8, 1989, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she resides there. Being the oldest of four siblings, Brighton hails from a large family.

After her family relocated to Dallas, Texas, Brighton and her siblings were raised by their mom, Dee Keller, who juggles her roles as a shoe designer and a retired lawyer, alongside their dad, Steve Keller, who works in real estate. Brighton pursued her education at the University of Texas.

It sounds like Brighton’s upbringing was quite dynamic with her parents’ diverse professions!

Brighton Butler Biography

Brighton Butler is indeed one of the most popular and successful bloggers out there. Born on December 8, 1989, in the United States, she has made a name for herself with her blog, Brighton The Day, where she focuses mainly on fashion but also delves into topics like faith, beauty, and travel.

Interestingly, Brighton attended The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where she crossed paths with fellow blogger Lilly Ghalichi. It seems like they both shared a passion for business and fashion during their time at university.

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There are two younger sisters and one older brother in Brighton’s close-knit family. Her family moved to Dallas, Texas, from their hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Brighton’s family history has an additional artistic dimension with the addition of her daughter’s grandmother, Dee Keller, being a shoe designer.

Brighton Butler Wiki

Full NameBrighton Keller Butler (Aka Brighton Butler)
Age34 years (as of 2023)
Date of Birth8th December 1989
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandDuncan Butler III
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height (feet)5′ 6″
Height (cm)170 cm (1.7m)
ParentsDee and Steve Keller
CollegePublic US State Institution
ProfessionFashion Blogger

Brighton ButlerEducation

Our research shows that Brighton Butler really stood out academically. She kicked off her high school journey at just 16 and then went on to bag a bachelor’s degree from a public university in the US after graduating. Seems like Brighton was quite the diligent student, putting in the work to reach her educational milestones!

Highest QualificationBachelor’s Degree
CollegePublic US State Institution

Brighton Butler Age

Brighton Butler Celebrates her birthday on December 8, 1989, which fell on a Friday. At present, she is 34 years old. With her birthday falling under the sign of Sagittarius, her birth flower is Narcissus and Holly. It’s fascinating to see how astrology and nature intertwine in describing her personality and characteristics!

Birth Date8th December
Day of BirthFriday
Year of Birth1989
Birth SignSagittarius
Birth Sign DualityAssertive
Birth Sign Modality/ElementMutable Fire
Opposite SignGemini

Brighton Butler Career

Brighton Butler’s journey into the fashion world began in 2011, sparked by conversations with friends. Despite initially having limited knowledge about fashion, her passion and dedication have propelled her into becoming a fashion icon.

Although Brighton originally planned to follow in her parents’ business footsteps after graduating with a business degree, fate had other plans. Her mother’s venture into an Italian shoe line ignited Brighton’s interest in the fashion industry.

Brighton started her fashion blog, “Brighton The Day,” in 2011, and it has been quite successful ever since. The blog showcases Brighton’s many interests and experiences, including topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, and personal stories.

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Apart from her writing career, Brighton has established herself as a notable influencer, motivating women globally with her fashion guidance and perspectives. To further demonstrate her devotion to generosity, she co-founded Les Filles a La Mode, an NGO devoted to aiding Hurricane Katrina reconstruction efforts.

Brighton is respected for her perseverance and commitment to her work despite encountering personal obstacles like her divorce. She is an inspiration to others, demonstrating that obstacles can not stand in the way of one’s career advancement.

What Are Fans Saying?

The News Of Brighton Butler’s Divorce has stirred up a flurry of reactions and conversations on social media platforms like Reddit.

During this difficult period, many people have shown sympathy and support for Brighton and her children. But there has also been a lot of conjecture on the causes of her breakup with Duncan.

While some Reddit users have brought up parenting methods or ideals that differ from one another, others have proposed adultery as a potential contributing cause. It’s crucial to remember that these are only conjectures and that the specifics of their breakup are not known with certainty.

Brighton Butler’s Net Worth

Brighton Butler has become a household name in the fashion world thanks to her successful blog. According to reports from last year, she’s amassed an estimated Net Worth of $5 million. Her income streams mainly stem from her blog, partnerships with luxury brands, advertisements, and appearances at various events and campaigns. Brighton owes much of her success to her loyal and engaged followers on social media and her website, which have helped solidify her position as a prominent figure in the fashion and influencer scene.

Who is Brighton Butler’s Husband?

Brighton Butler tied the knot with Duncan Butler on January 25, 2020, in a ceremony held in Austin, Texas. Duncan is a lawyer and businessman, while Brighton is best known for her lifestyle and fashion blog, BrightonTheDay LLC.

However, recent rumors and speculation suggest that Brighton has initiated divorce proceedings against Duncan as of May 2023. Currently, they are navigating the legal process of ending their marriage, and details are still emerging.

While we await further information, it’s possible that more insights into their decision to divorce and the progress of their proceedings may come to light over time.

Brighton and Duncan Butler Children

Brighton Butler and her ex-husband share two wonderful kids. On February 21, 2021, their first child, a boy called Four, was born. On September 29, 2022, their daughter, Blake, was born. On her website, Brighton has candidly discussed her experiences as a mother, including the touching accounts of her children’s births.

Brighton and Duncan, though they are no longer together, have pledged to put their kids’ welfare first. Putting aside their disagreements for the benefit of their children, they are collaborating to co-parent joyfully. Seeing how committed they are to providing a loving and caring home for their family, even under trying circumstances, is really encouraging.

Brighton Butler’s Spouse

Since the couple’s 2020 Texas wedding, Brighton’s admirers have been interested in learning more about her spouse. Since they frequently posted loving pictures on social media, it seemed like the pair was very much in love.

Brighton presents herself on her blog as a compassionate, family-oriented person who shares relatable moments from her daily life with her readers.

From what we’ve gathered, Brighton’s husband, Duncan Butler, is both an entrepreneur and a lawyer. They’ve shared heartwarming pictures with their children, showing their devotion as parents. Initially, Duncan played a significant role in helping Brighton run her blog before things took a turn.

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However, with the News of Brighton’s divorce circulating online, some netizens have begun to speculate about their relationship. Some feel Brighton rushed into marriage and deserved better. Reports suggest that Duncan is dealing with addiction issues and is currently in rehab, adding another layer of complexity to their situation.

It serves as a reminder that those with very visible lives may also experience personal hardships, and that it’s critical to treat these situations with compassion and understanding.

Brighton Butler Social Media

Brighton Butler, a beloved blogger, has garnered a loyal following who admire her work. With an impressive 374K followers on her Instagram account, she’s known for sharing breathtaking photographs that captivate her audience.


Brighton Butler, a prominent figure in the fashion world, recently confirmed her divorce from Duncan Butler, sparking widespread curiosity and speculation. Despite their once-loving image, the couple is now navigating the legal process of their separation, with details still emerging. Speculations about the divorce include allegations of addiction and abusive behavior on Duncan’s part. Brighton, known for her successful career as a fashion blogger and influencer, has chosen to keep quiet about the specifics of the breakup, emphasizing the need for privacy during this challenging time. Despite personal hardships, Brighton remains committed to her career and her role as a mother to their two children.


  1. Brighton Butler, born on December 8, 1989, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a renowned fashion blogger and social media influencer.
  2. Brighton attended The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.
  3. She started her fashion blog, “Brighton The Day,” in 2011, which covers fashion, beauty, travel, and personal stories.
  4. Brighton and Duncan Butler got married on January 25, 2020, and have two children together: Four, born on February 21, 2021, and Blake, born on September 29, 2022.
  5. Reports suggest that Brighton initiated divorce proceedings against Duncan in May 2023, citing reasons that are still unknown to the public.
  6. Speculations about the divorce include allegations of Duncan’s addiction issues and abusive behavior, though these details remain unconfirmed.


What led to Brighton Butler’s divorce?

The exact reasons behind Brighton Butler’s divorce from Duncan Butler are not confirmed. Speculations include allegations of addiction and abusive behavior on Duncan’s part, but the specifics remain unknown.

How many children do Brighton and Duncan Butler have?

Brighton and Duncan have two children together: a son named Four, born on February 21, 2021, and a daughter named Blake, born on September 29, 2022.

What is Brighton Butler’s career background?

Brighton Butler is a successful fashion blogger and influencer known for her blog, “Brighton The Day,” which she started in 2011. She covers various topics including fashion, beauty, travel, and personal stories.

Are Brighton Butler’s divorce rumors true?

Yes, Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler have confirmed their decision to divorce. They are currently navigating the legal process of their separation, though specific details about the breakup are not publicly disclosed.

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