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Zen Scott Feldman, the son of actor Corey Feldman, isn’t just a collection of facts on a page.  Born on August 7, 2004, he’s grown into a young man (almost 20 years old in 2024!).  He comes from a Hollywood family, with Susie Feldman by his side as his mom.

Who is Zen Scott Feldman?

Picture the man who made us laugh in “The Goonies” and cry in “Stand by Me,” Corey Feldman, as a father. That’s the world of Zen Scott Feldman! But Zen is more than just Corey’s child. When Corey was younger, he spoke out against the bad aspects of Hollywood and even produced a documentary, “(my) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys,” detailing the violence he and his friend Corey Haim endured. For Corey, Zen embodies the heroic status, providing unwavering love and support that has enabled him to overcome addiction and sadness.

Zen’s parents met in the dazzling world of Hollywood and got married in 2002. Even though things didn’t work out and they divorced after seven years, Zen remains a rock for his dad.

Zen Scott Feldman Wiki

Profile SummaryDetails
NameZen Scott Feldman
Birth Date7 August 2004
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, USA
Zodiac SignLeo
Age19 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5ft 9in
In Centimeters: 175cm
In Meters: 1.75m
WeightIn Kilograms: 55kg
In Pounds: 121 lbs
Net WorthNot Known
MotherSusie Feldman
FatherCorey Feldman

Zen Scott Feldman Early Life 

Unlike his dad Corey, who grew up under the constant glare of Hollywood spotlights, Zen Scott Feldman gets to experience a California childhood with a bit more privacy. Born on August 7, 2004, Zen lives with his mom, Susie, in Los Angeles.  He’s Corey’s only child, raised in the Jewish faith, and recently celebrated a milestone most teenagers do – a high school dance! This was a big moment for Corey, who’s spoken openly about not having a typical childhood himself. Zen seems to be a private young man, keeping his early life under wraps, just the way his parents like it.  One thing’s for sure, seeing Zen happy and living a normal life must be a huge source of pride for Corey.

Zen Scott Feldman Age

Already nineteen years old and a pillar of strength! The actor Corey Feldman’s son, Zen Scott Feldman, is that person. Zen, who was born on August 7, 2004, has a Hollywood father, but their relationship goes far beyond the red carpet. Zen has grown to be Corey’s rock of support, helping him combat depression and the difficulties of growing up in the spotlight. Corey has been candid about the dark side of childhood fame. 

Zen Scott Feldman Height and Weight

Let’s ditch the numbers for a sec and paint a picture of Zen. Imagine him following in his actor dad’s footsteps, maybe even towering over him a bit! At 19, Zen’s likely hitting his growth spurt, and while details on his exact height are private, it’s clear there’s a resemblance to his father, Corey Feldman.  Who knows, maybe Zen even inherited some of Corey’s charm and charisma.  One thing’s for sure, their bond goes beyond looks.

Zen Scott Feldman Parents

Zen Scott Feldman Mom

Hollywood love stories don’t always have happy endings, but that’s where Zen Scott Feldman’s story begins! Zen’s mom, Susie Feldman, met his dad Corey in a way ripped straight from the movies – at a Hollywood birthday celebration for Susie’s 19th! Sparks flew, and Corey popped the question on Valentine’s Day two years later.  In 2002, they tied the knot with a rabbi and none other than MC Hammer officiating!  Bora Bora even got a taste of their newlywed bliss as their honeymoon spot.

Susie’s no stranger to the entertainment world herself. She appeared alongside Corey in a reality show called “The Two Coreys” and even has some modeling under her belt, gracing the pages of magazines like Stuff and Playboy.  She’s also got a compassionate side, supporting organizations like PETA.  While Susie and Corey’s relationship ended in divorce, they created something pretty special together – their son Zen.

Zen Scott Feldman Dad

Corey Feldman, best known for his roles in “Gremlins” and “The Goonies,” is no stranger to the bad side of fame. It wasn’t easy for him to battle substance misuse and sadness, but his son Zen became his pillar. Feldman was forced to take a different approach by Zen’s contagious laughing and cheery grin. This father-son relationship is obviously mutually beneficial; Zen inspires Dad, and Dad derives great pleasure from his son’s contentment. A genuine Lifetime Achievement Award is that type of affection.

His Parent’s Divorce

Zen Scott was enmeshed in his parents’ highly publicized divorce in 2009. Corey Feldman and Susie Sprague were divorcing, with Susie citing irreconcilable differences in her divorce file. She demanded spousal support in addition to full custody of Zen, with Corey only being granted visiting rights.

Corey resisted, claiming that Zen should have joint custody and rejecting spousal support. What began in 2009 developed into a protracted court dispute that wasn’t settled until 2014. After everything was said and done, Susie received an order for $750 a month from Corey, but this was for child support rather than spousal support. When Zen was 10 years old, the court gave his mother sole custody, with Corey being allowed to visitation rights.

The Only Son of Corey Feldman Is Zen Scott Feldman

August 7, 2004, was the birthdate of Zen Scott Feldman. His father, Corey Feldman, honored his son on Instagram on his 18th birthday. The first time he saw his kid become an adult, he was ecstatic.

Corey’s post featured a collection of photos spanning the years—old and new—of Zen, himself, and other family members. In his message, he fondly called Zen “My Baby Blue Eyes,” the same title of a song he wrote for him when he was born.

Corey expressed his deep appreciation for Zen’s kindness and respect for others, noting how he has always been the easiest child to raise—except for one memorable call from the principal, Corey joked. Growing up in a complex family setup, Zen navigated it with grace.

After Corey and Susie Sprague’s separation, Zen’s mom married Andy Lerma, who became Zen’s stepdad. Corey also found love again, marrying Courtney Anne Mitchell, a member of his band, Corey Feldman and The Angels, who stepped in as Zen’s stepmother.

Corey gave a nod to everyone involved in raising Zen, ending his tribute with words of encouragement. He urged Zen to keep making wise choices and to chase his dreams in the “big bad world.”

Zen Scott also has an Instagram account, open to the public, though he hasn’t posted anything yet. His bio intriguingly features angel numbers, and he had over 2.6K followers at the time of writing.

Zen Scott Feldman Girlfriend

Since 2023, Zen Scott has not been in a relationship. His parents would prefer for him to focus on his studies and avoid the spotlight for the time being.

Neither his sexual orientation nor his dating history are known for sure.

Zen Scott Feldman Career

Corey Feldman and Susie have made it a priority to keep Zen safe and away from the spotlight. They are adamant about not pushing him into the entertainment industry. Zen didn’t appear in the first season of Corey’s show, “The Two Coreys,” a decision Corey firmly supported.

Corey believes it’s important to shield Zen from the industry until he’s old enough to make his own decisions. When paparazzi once asked if Zen would join the movie business, Corey emphatically responded, “Hell, no!He aggressively seeks to strengthen kid safety regulations on film sets since he is dedicated to making sure Zen is happy and safe..

In January 2019, Corey and Zen attended a tribute event for Marvel legend Stan Lee. They also recently enjoyed a trip to Disneyland to celebrate the completion of Corey’s documentary. During their visit, Zen and Corey had the chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon ride and posed for photos. They were joined by Corey’s wife, Courtney, and some friends.

Zen Scott Feldman Net Worth

Because Zen Scott prefers to lead a quiet, low-key existence away from the spotlight, his net worth isn’t known to the general public.

On the other hand, his father, Hollywood actor Corey Feldman, is a well-known figure, reported to be worth $3 million. Because of his lucrative acting career, Corey has amassed fortune.


On August 7, 2004, Zen Scott Feldman was born in the heart of Los Angeles. He is not just a kid from Hollywood; rather, his parents are Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman. He is already supporting his father, Corey, who has been in the public eye through challenging times. In contrast to his father, Zen’s parents placed a high value on privacy when he was a child. Zen has gracefully dealt with the difficulties despite the divorce of his family in 2009. Corey, his father, is worth about $3 million, but his exact net worth is unknown at this time. Zen is staying out of the entertainment business, and his parents are only concerned about making sure he is happy and safe.


  • Family History: Corey and Susie Feldman welcomed Zen Scott Feldman into the world on August 7, 2004, in Los Angeles.
  • Hero of Dad: Zen has supported his father, Corey, through difficult times, including addiction battles.
  • Childhood with a low profile: Zen’s upbringing is somewhat more private than his father’s in Hollywood.
  • Drama of Divorce: Zen has demonstrated maturity in his handling of the highly publicized divorce that his parents went through in 2009.
  • Life of Love: As of 2023, Zen has kept his personal life private and has not engaged in any public relationships.
  • Money and work: At least not yet, Zen isn’t following in his father’s acting footsteps. The estimated net worth of his father, which is still unknown, is approximately $3 million.


Who are Zen Scott Feldman’s parents?

Zen’s parents are Corey Feldman, the Hollywood actor, and Susie Feldman.

Where and when was Zen Scott Feldman born?

On August 7, 2004, Zen was born in Los Angeles, California.

How does Zen Scott Feldman relate to his father?

Zen’s there for his dad, Corey, providing support through thick and thin.

Is Zen Scott Feldman pursuing a career in showbiz?

Nah, Zen’s steering clear of the spotlight for now, as his parents want him to focus on being happy and safe.

How much is Zen Scott Feldman worth?

We don’t have the deets on Zen’s bank account, but his dad Corey’s reportedly worth around $3 million.

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