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Kenny G Net Worth

You do realize Kenny G? That jazz saxophonist with a silky tone who’s practically legendary? He’s killing it in the money business in addition to blowing minds with his music. Imagine this: his Net Worth is an incredible $100 million! And get this: he is without a doubt the greatest instrumentalist of all time, having sold an astounding 75 million recordings worldwide.

But it gets even better from here on out. Kenny is not only a successful saxophonist but also an exceptional investor. He boarded the Starbucks bandwagon back then, even before the company went public. This discussion is about pre-IPO investments!  Let’s presume that he is making a substantial chunk of his fortune from that move, even though it is unclear how much exactly he is making. If you had invested a grand at Starbucks on day one, you would have $300,000 sitting around today. Crazy, do you think?

And that’s not all. Kenny’s also killing it in real estate. In his divorce filing last year, he casually dropped the bombshell that he’s pulling in a cool $600,000 a month from his rental properties. Yeah, you heard that right—six hundred grand every single month!

There you have it, then. In addition to his prowess in music, Kenny G is a business expert. How about achieving the American dream?

Kenny G Early Life

Born on June 5, 1956, in Seattle, Washington, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick had a remarkable journey into the music industry. He had his share of disappointments in high school.  Imagine the disappointment of being rejected by the jazz band after his first tryout. But Kenny didn’t let that stop him. Determined to pursue his passion, he waited patiently for another shot the following year, and finally, his perseverance paid off when he snagged the first chair.

Not only did Kenny face difficulties in high school, but he also made lifelong musical friendships there. It so happened that Robert Damper, who plays the piano and keyboards with his band to this day, was one of his students.

Kenny’s big break came when, at the Age of 17, he was hired as a sideman for none other than Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. How about beginning at the top? In addition to working with White, Kenny G was a member of the Seattle funk group Cold, Bold & Together. However, his inclusion in The Jeff Lorber Fusion as a creditable member was what really cemented his place in the music industry. Kenny G’s journey, which included obstacles in high school and professional success, is proof of the strength of tenacity and desire in following one’s goals.

Kenny G Wiki

Kenny G Net Worth$100 Million
Full NameKenneth Bruce Gorelick
Date of BirthJune 5, 1956
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.71 m)
ProfessionSaxophonist, Songwriter, Record producer, Golfer
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-WivesJanice DeLeon
Lydie Benson

Kenny G Education 

Growing up in Seattle, Kenny hit all the typical stops in his educational journey, from Whitworth Elementary to Sharples Junior High, and finally, Franklin High School. It was at Franklin where he had his first taste of disappointment, failing his initial jazz band audition. But Kenny wasn’t one to back down. He came back swinging the next year, snagging that coveted first chair.

And his interests went beyond only music. Furthermore, Kenny discovered himself taking the course as a member of his high school’s golf team. When Kenny was eleven years old, his older brother Brian introduced him to the sport, and he has been addicted ever since.

Divorce Alimony Payment

Following the finalization of Lyndie and Kenny’s divorce in 2013, Kenny was mandated to make a monthly payment of alimony that totaled an astounding $360,000. But life frequently throws us a curveball.When March 2023 rolls around, Kenny is requesting a vacation. He’s saying that the epidemic wrecking havoc on the touring scene caused a significant dip in his income. He had already paid Lyndie around $4 million in the previous ten years by that time. It serves as a reminder that despite one’s level of achievement, one may encounter financial difficulties in life. Take Kenny G, for example.

Kenny G Career

Kenny G’s life story is similarly all around as captivating as his melodies. His Net Worth was anticipated to be close to $100 million in 2021. He is not only an excellent saxophonist but also an experienced investor. Kenny has had an amazing journey, from striking big notes on stage to making wise decisions in the corporate world.

Although Kenny may seem to have made his riches only via selling out shows and topping the charts, he actually has a couple more moves up his sleeve. It’s rumored that he profited handsomely from his pre-IPO Starbucks investments. What a fantastic success story!

And Kenny is living large when it comes to real estate. His homes are the kind that make you want to sing, from an expansive estate in Washington to an incredible mansion in Malibu.

But let’s not overlook his music, which started it all. Cold, Bold, and Together was a funk band that Kenny was a member of before he became a solo hit. However, he felt he was meant for more, so in 1982 he took a chance and signed with Arista Records.

Critics praised his debut record, which also put him on the charts and brought him recognition. And he continued to climb higher and higher from there. Millions of copies of albums like “Duotones” and “Breathless” were sold, establishing him as a household name.

Even now, Kenny’s still making waves in the music world. Collaborations with artists like The Weeknd and contributions to movie soundtracks keep his sound fresh and relevant.

The documentary “Listening to Kenny G,” which gives viewers access to the man who writes the songs backstage, is not to be missed. 

Kenny G’s star power is in this way more clear than any time in recent memory, whether he’s taking off over the group in front of an audience or keenly moving in the meeting room.


Kenny’s story isn’t just about music; it’s about smart investments too. Back in college at the University of Washington, he wasn’t hitting the high notes—he was studying accounting. Yeah, you heard that right. He purposely avoided music classes, aiming for a solid degree to fall back on if needed.

And boy, did that decision pay off. Kenny’s business savvy has been a key part of his success. He’s applied the lessons from those accounting classes throughout his career, building up an impressive stock portfolio.

Consider his initial investment in Starbucks. He met Howard Schultz, the brains behind the coffee enterprise, back in the 1980s. Kenny spotted an opportunity and gave Starbucks some of his music royalties because his uncle supported the business. Well thought out action, don’t you think? If that investment were to be made now, it might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

But Kenny’s not just a one-hit wonder when it comes to investments. He’s got stakes in big names like Apple, Microsoft, and United Airlines too. And when asked about his success, Kenny stays humble, saying it’s more luck than anything else. But hey, luck or not, he’s definitely got an eye for a good investment.

Real Estate

First up, his Hunts Point estate in Washington. Picture this: Kenny putting together a sprawling four-acre property, piece by piece, back in 1990. He spared no expense, dropping nearly $9 million to make it his own. And by ’95, he’d turned it into a mansion fit for a king, spanning over 12,000 square feet! But after almost a decade, Kenny decided it was time to say goodbye, listing it for a jaw-dropping $26.5 million. Talk about a real estate adventure!

Then there’s his California stint in Studio City. Back in 2007, he found a cozy spot for $2.85 million. But after some back and forth, he finally sold it in 2021 for a little less. And guess who swooped in? None other than rapper Lil Dicky, making moves in the same halls where Kenny once roamed.

But the real crown jewel of Kenny’s properties? His Malibu mansion. Since ’98, this place has been his sanctuary. He started with a $12.5 million buy in ’97, and by 2000, he’d expanded to a neighboring property, building a whole new mansion from the ground up! With ocean views, a recording studio, and a tennis court, it’s the ultimate retreat.

Kenny’s real estate career is a tribute to his taste and success; it shows that he can make an impression whether he’s searching for the ideal home or hitting the big notes.


The path Kenny G took to become a solo Celebrity seemed unreal. Imagine this: following his split with Lorber, he attracts the interest of Clive Davis, a titan of the music business. Then, in 1982, Johnny signs a record deal with Arista Records—the realization of every musician’s ambition!

His first record? It’s an immediate hit, going platinum. However, Kenny never rests on his laurels. “G Force” and “Gravity,” his subsequent albums, both achieve platinum status, paving the way for his major breakthrough with “Duotones” in 1986. That record? In light of the notorious melody “Warbler,” it has gone 5X Platinum and turned into an immense hit. In all honesty, this melody is one of only two instrumentals to at any point come to the main 5 of the Bulletin Hot 100.

It seems like Kenny is riding a wave of success from that point on. Every record is a smash, shooting off the shelves and into the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Kenny has worked with the greatest of the best, not to mention his incredible collaborations with luminaries like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.

Kenny G’s global CD sales of over 75 million demonstrate his versatility as a performer. He has influenced millions of people worldwide with his music.

Kenny G Notable Musical Achievements

Kenny G’s music career is beyond incredible—it’s the stuff of legends! I mean, can you even imagine selling over 75 million records worldwide? That’s like having fans on every corner of the globe!

And awards? Kenny’s got them in spades. Grammys? Oh, he’s got a bunch, including for Best Instrumental Composition and Best Pop Instrumental Performance. And his music? It’s not just topping the charts; it’s owning them. Billboard’s Adult Contemporary, Jazz—you name it, he’s conquered it.

But Kenny’s sound is what really sets him apart. He creates entirely original music by fusing pop, R&B, and jazz together, much like a musical mixologist. And the joint ventures? They’re equally amazing. He’s got tons of music from Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, and more.

And get this: in 1997, he managed the amazing accomplishment of playing a saxophone note for 45 minutes straight! Yes, that really does have a lot of lung force!

Saxophonist Kenny G redefines what it means to be a force of nature rather than just a musician with every performance.

Kenny G’s Personal Life and Awards

The story of Kenny G is really amazing. Born on June 5, 1956, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick was a typical child from Seattle. However, he overcame a few early obstacles to establish himself in the music industry. Just think—he was already slaying it with Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra at the age of 17!

Then, in 1982, he released “Kenny G,” his debut album, and presto! He was ablaze. Prizes began to arrive one after the other. The man has had sixteen Grammy nominations, more than you can shake a saxophone at. We must not overlook his 1994 Best Instrumental Composition victory, which was earned by the song “Forever in Love.” At two NAACP Image Awards and the American Music Awards, he was named Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.

As demonstrated by Kenny G’s experience, you can achieve your goals if you have skill and perseverance.


Kenny G, born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, is an American saxophonist, songwriter, record producer, and golfer with a remarkable journey into the music industry. Despite facing setbacks in high school, he persevered, ultimately becoming a legendary jazz saxophonist. With a Net Worth of $100 million, Kenny G is not only a successful musician but also an astute investor and real estate mogul. His achievements include selling over 75 million records worldwide, winning numerous awards, and making savvy investments in companies like Starbucks. Additionally, his real estate ventures have been lucrative, with properties in Washington and Malibu. Kenny G’s success story is a testament to his talent, perseverance, and business acumen.


What is Kenny G’s net worth?

Kenny G’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

What are Kenny G’s notable musical achievements?

Kenny G has sold over 75 million records worldwide, won multiple Grammy Awards, and has had numerous chart-topping hits.

What investments has Kenny G made?

Kenny G has made successful investments in companies like Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, and United Airlines.

What is Kenny G’s real estate portfolio like?

Kenny G owns properties in Washington and Malibu, including an expansive estate in Hunts Point and a mansion in Malibu with ocean views and a recording studio.

What setbacks did Kenny G face in his early life?

Kenny G faced rejection from the jazz band during his first tryout in high school but persevered and eventually became a successful musician.

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