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What is Mystikal’s Net Worth?

Thanks to his musical career, American rapper and actor Mystikal has become the number one artist on the charts. Two of his platinum-selling albums, “Unpredictable,” “Ghetto Fabulous,” and “Mind of Mystikal,” are the most well-known. These records were all quite successful. His biggest hit and the number one album on the Billboard charts was “Let’s Get Ready,” his fourth album. Songs like “Danger (Been So Long)” and “Shake Ya Ass” were particularly noteworthy.

Mystikal’s life has been difficult despite his musical accomplishments. His judicial issues included imprisonment for extortion and sexual violence between 2004 and 2010. Mystikal has been a notable figure in the industry since his talent and love for music have remained evident through it all.

Who is Mystikal?

Mystikal is a multi-talented artist rather than just a rapper. Though his rhythms may have made you groove, have you seen him on the big screen as well? In 1997, he made his acting debut in “I’m Bout It.” Later, with Mark Wahlberg, he truly made an impression in “The Corruptor.” Mystikal was successful in spite of the challenge of balancing acting and music; in 2002, he was even cast in “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever”.

Mystikal, who turned 51 in 2022, was born on September 22, 1970, in New Orleans, Louisiana. At five foot ten inches tall, he has an approximate weight of eighty-eight kg. Remember that Mystikal is more than simply his incredible rhymes the next time you’re listening to his music or watching him on TV.

Mystikal Biography

Mystikal was born on September 22, 1970, in the vibrant city of New Orleans. His Instagram account, itsthemindofmystikal2, has over 23,000 followers if you’d want to follow him there.

Let’s discuss about his musical endeavors now. 2014 saw Mystikal record some vocals for Mark Ronson’s album “Uptown Special,” which he sang on the song “Feel Right.” Mystikal’s catalog gained another hit when the song and music video were released in 2015.

But that’s not all from 2015. He also made a notable appearance on Stevie Stone’s single “Rain Dance,” alongside Tech N9ne. The track was part of Stevie Stone’s 2015 release “Malta Bend,” showcasing Mystikal’s versatility in collaborating with other artists across different styles.

Mystikal Wiki

Real NameMichael Lawrence Tyler
Nick NameMystikal
Age54 Years Old
HeightIn Feet – 5 Feet 10 Inches
In Meters – 1.8 m
In Centimeters – 180 cm
WeightIn Kilograms – 88 Kg
In Pounds – 194 lbs
MotherMarie Tyler
SistersMichelle Tyler
BrothersMaurice Tyler
ChildrenMillion Tyler, My’chelle Tyler

Michelle Tyler

In September of ’94, Mystikal went through a devastating loss—his sister, Michelle Tyler, was killed by her boyfriend. It hit him hard, and it changed his music forever.

He used music as a coping mechanism and a method to honor his sister’s memory, pouring his heartbreak into his compositions. It is heard on the following tracks: “Murder,” “Murder 2,” “Murder III,” “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler,” and “Shine.” Every single one is an homage to his sister and a means for Mystikal to work with his loss.

Although losing a loved one is never easy, Mystikal used music as a healing and remembrance tool for his sister.

Sexual Battery Conviction and Imprisonment

Mystikal’s life took a terrible turn in 2003 when he encountered legal issues. The situation deteriorated further when he entered a guilty plea to beating his hairstylist and pressuring her into having sex. He was charged with sexual violence and extortion. He received a heavy six-year sentence in state prison as a result. Vercy Carter and Leland Ellis, his bodyguards, also got mixed up in the situation and entered guilty pleas. Mystikal had already been afoul of the law, having been arrested for both drug and weapon offenses.

While behind bars in 2005, things got even more complicated when he was slapped with charges for not filing tax returns in ’98 and ’99. He ended up with a conviction in federal court, but there was a silver lining—he could serve his one-year federal sentence alongside his state sentence. However, the legal maze continued after that. His prospects of being granted parole were crushed in 2006, and he wasn’t released from federal detention until 2007. However, he still had time to serve for his Louisiana state convictions.

Finally, in January 2010, Mystikal regained his freedom, but with the heavy weight of being registered as a sex offender. It was a tough road, but Mystikal faced the music and eventually found his way back to the outside world.

Mystikal Personal Life

Mystikal has experienced ups and downs in her romantic life. Several famous women, including the singers Nivea and Monica, were romantically linked to him in the early 2000s. A brief relationship with Karrine Steffans also occurred in 2001.

Mystikal is a devoted father to Michelle Tyler and Million Tyler, his two children.

But tragedy has also occurred among his personal life’s ups and downs. He suffered an agonizing loss in 1994 upon discovering his sister Michelle deceased in her own house. Especially knowing that she had been stabbed and strangled, it was a devastating blow. The arrest and charging of her boyfriend, Damion Neville, grandson of the renowned Neville Brothers, with her murder, only served to exacerbate the situation. Mystikal has had to deal with a difficult period in his life.

Mystikal Assault and Arrest

Mystikal has experienced both highs and lows throughout his life. He got himself into a lot of difficulty in 2003 when he confessed to sexually abusing his hairstylist. This led to a six-year prison sentence. It was a gloomy moment, especially in light of the unsettling specifics of the attack.

Mystikal initially attempted to explain himself by asserting that the interaction was voluntary. However, his defense was exposed when a film of the incident was discovered at his house. He was already facing state charges for sexual assault, but in addition to that, he was charged federally for not filing tax returns in the late 1990s.

Despite the legal battles, Mystikal managed to serve both sentences simultaneously. However, it appeared that misfortune followed him, as he was re-incarcerated in 2012 following a fight with his partner, breaking the terms of his probation and receiving yet another sentence.

After he turned himself in to the police in 2017 on charges of rape, he faced another obstacle. 2019 saw the dismissal of the charges for lack of evidence after a drawn-out two years of waiting for a trial.

This was not the end of his problems, though. He faced serious allegations including rape, robbery, and domestic abuse when he was caught once more in Louisiana in 2022.

Mystikal has faced several obstacles along the way, including court cases and disappointments, but he persists in overcoming them all.

Mystikal Career

Mystikal has seen several highs and lows during his musical career. In 1994, he made a splash with Big Boy Records by releasing his debut album “Mystikal” and quickly becoming well-known.

But fame brought its share of challenges. In ’95, he found himself in a feud with other New Orleans rappers from Cash Money Records. They dissed him in their tracks, but Mystikal fired back with hits like “Beware” and “Here I Go,” pouring his heart and soul into his music.

Tragedy struck when he lost his sister Michelle in ’94. Her passing hit him hard and became a driving force behind his music, inspiring tracks like “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler” and “Murder.”

Mystikal recovered after being released from prison in 2010 despite having legal issues in 2003 that resulted in a jail sentence. He returned to the stage, working with musicians like Lloyd and Lil Wayne, demonstrating that nothing could hold him down for very long.

Mystikal’s tenacity and love for music come through in everything. He is more than simply a rapper; he is a survivor whose life story exemplifies the strength of tenacity in the face of difficulty.

Further Music Career

As the main act at the Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts on Mardi Gras Day in 2010, Mystikal acted. Being in his hometown and doing a show for his fans was a significant occasion for him.

After that, he dropped an underground track called “I Don’t Like You,” showing he still had fire in his music. Then came his collaboration with R&B artist Lloyd on “Set Me Free,” adding his signature style to the mix.

But Mystikal wasn’t done yet. He teamed up with Fiend and Lil Wayne on the track “Papercuts,” bringing together some serious talent. His debut single for Cash Money Records, “Original,” was another milestone in his career, marking a new chapter with the label.

Not to be overlooked is “Feel Right,” which he contributed to Mark Ronson’s album “Uptown Special.” It was a catchy song that demonstrated Mystikal’s artistic flexibility.

In order to provide his distinct flavor to the song “Just a Lil’ Thick (She Juicy),” he collaborated with rapper Lil Dicky and Trinidad James in 2016.

Mystikal has demonstrated that his skill is limitless by generating waves and establishing his imprint in the music industry.

Music Career

Mystikal – Danger (Been So Long) ft. Nivea

Source Youtube

Mystikal’s music journey has been quite the ride. He kicked things off in ’94 with his debut album under Big Boy Records, but fame came with its share of drama. He found himself in some beef with fellow New Orleans rappers, including big names like U.N.L.V., B.G., and even Lil Wayne.

Despite the rough patches, Mystikal kept hustling. He switched gears in ’96, leaving Big Boy to join No Limit Records. Those late ’90s were big for him—he was all over No Limit albums, making a name for himself in the rap game.

Mystikal stayed with Jive Records and released “Let’s Get Ready” in 2000, despite later leaving No Limit. With that album, he shot to the top of the charts and was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2003 for his solo project “Tarantula.”

However, life dealt him a curveball just when things were getting better. From 2004 to 2010, Mystikal was incarcerated for sexual assault. Despite the difficult circumstances, he remained optimistic. After leaving, he reunited with former pals Fiend and R&B superstar Lloyd, demonstrating his continued ability to be a formidable vocalist.

In 2011, he hit the stage again at the Gathering of the Juggalos festival, showing everyone he’s not just a rapper—he’s a survivor, ready to reclaim his spot in the music scene.

Legal Issues

Mystikal revealed surprising information on June 26, 2003: he acknowledged coercion and sexual abuse. Both his followers and the music industry were devastated by the event. Afterwards, on January 15, 2004, he was given a six-year prison sentence for attacking his hairstylist, which brought the consequences home.

The details of the assault were disturbing—he and two others forced the woman into performing oral sex, accusing her of stealing a hefty sum of money. Mystikal initially claimed it was consensual, but a damning tape found at his home proved otherwise.

During the trial, negotiations kept the tape out of evidence, and Mystikal hoped for probation with a plea deal. But things took a turn when the judge saw the tape during sentencing, considering his past run-ins with the law. He was swiftly sent to serve his time.

Even in prison, his problems persisted. To compound his legal troubles, he was charged with tax evasion at the federal level in 2005. He persisted anyway, doing his sentence and holding out hope for a second shot at salvation.

In 2010, he experienced independence once more. But in 2012, just when it appeared as though he may make a fresh start, a marital conflict sent him back to jail for breaking the terms of his probation.

Despite the hurdles, Mystikal refused to give up. He faced each challenge head-on, striving to leave his troubled past behind. And although more legal trouble came knocking in 2017 with rape charges, he stood strong, eventually seeing the case dismissed in 2020.

Mystikal has had a turbulent road, yet he has persevered and shown determination despite everything. He’s ready to start over, hoping to put his difficult past behind him and rebuild his life and profession.


  1. Musical Success: Mystikal achieved significant success in the music industry, with platinum-selling albums such as “Unpredictable,” “Ghetto Fabulous,” and “Mind of Mystikal.” His album “Let’s Get Ready” topped the Billboard charts, featuring hit singles like “Danger (Been So Long)” and “Shake Ya Ass.”
  2. Acting Career: Alongside his music career, Mystikal ventured into acting, appearing in films like “I’m Bout It,” “The Corruptor,” and “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.”
  3. Collaborations: Mystikal collaborated with various artists, contributing vocals to Mark Ronson’s album “Uptown Special” and appearing on Stevie Stone’s single “Rain Dance.”
  4. Personal Challenges: Mystikal faced legal issues, including imprisonment from 2004 to 2010 for charges of extortion and sexual violence. Despite setbacks, he continued to pursue his passion for music.
  5. Resilience and Reemergence: Despite his legal troubles, Mystikal made a comeback in the music scene, releasing new tracks and performing at events like the Gathering of the Juggalos festival.


What is Mystikal’s net worth?

Mystikal’s exact Net Worth is not provided in the article. However, his success in the music industry, acting career, and collaborations likely contribute to his financial standing.

How did Mystikal cope with personal tragedies?

Mystikal used music as a coping mechanism, dedicating songs to his late sister and drawing inspiration from personal challenges to fuel his creativity.

What legal issues has Mystikal faced?

Mystikal faced imprisonment for charges including sexual assault and extortion. He also encountered legal issues related to tax evasion.

Has Mystikal faced allegations in recent years?

Yes, Mystikal has faced allegations, including charges of rape, robbery, and domestic abuse as recently as 2022. However, some of these charges have been dismissed due to lack of evidence.

How has Mystikal demonstrated resilience in his career?

Despite facing setbacks, Mystikal has continued to pursue his passion for music, collaborating with other artists and making a comeback in the industry after periods of incarceration.

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