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Who is Margie Willett?

Margie Willett was an American celebrity in her own right, most known for being the ex-wife of renowned actor Dick Van Dyke. She met Van Dyke, an Illinois native, and after only one month of courting, their fast-paced courtship resulted in an engagement. Their 1948 Los Angeles marriage took place long before Van Dyke became well-known and wealthy. The couple struggled financially, to the point that a kind radio producer who sponsored their wedding on his show paid for both their wedding and honeymoon.

They faced many challenges in their early years of marriage, both financially and emotionally, as they made their way through life before Van Dyke’s job became well-known. Margie and Dick battled addiction and went to the same rehab facility together to obtain help. But Margie chose to keep a low profile and avoid the limelight, even as her husband’s reputation grew.

They welcomed four children into their marriage. Tragically, Van Dyke’s adultery caused their marriage to dissolve in 1984 after more than 35 years of marriage. Margie lived a solitary life until her death in 2008 from pancreatic cancer, having made the decision not to remarry.

Margie Willett Wiki

Full nameMargie Willet
Date of birth1927
Age81 years old (at the time of her death)
Place of birthDanville, Illinois, United States
Height5’4″ (163 centimetres)
Weight121 pounds (55 kgs)
Body measurements34-32-36 inches (86-81-91 cm)
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-husbandDick Van Dyke

Margie Willett Early Life

Born in 1927, Marjorie Willett—also referred to as Margie—grew up in Danville, Illinois. In 1947, she got to know Dick Van Dyke there. After only one month of courting, their passion swiftly took off, and they soon moved to Los Angeles and became engaged. Their wedding was a unique and public event that was broadcast to millions of listeners on radio.

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Margie was a very quiet person, even in spite of her husband’s increasing celebrity. She maintained a low profile and hardly disclosed personal information. She continued to be committed to removing her kids from the spotlight, even after she married one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, so they could grow up normally and not worry about being followed around by photographers. Margie put her family’s privacy above everything else, in contrast to many famous wives

Margie Willett Personal Life

Marjorie “Margie” Willett was brought into the world in Danville, Illinois, in 1927. Her initial years, including insights regarding her folks, kin, and instruction, stay obscure because of her outrageous isolation.

Margie’s life changed dramatically in Illinois when she met Dick Van Dyke. They relocated to Los Angeles after falling in love swiftly and were married in a radio ceremony that received a lot of media attention. Even though their marriage was well-known, Margie remained committed to her privacy.

Together, the couple gave birth to four children: Christian Van Dyke, Stacy, Carrie Beth, and Barry. Regretfully, Margie miscarried early in their union and lost twins. Her children needed to grow up free from the pressures of Hollywood, therefore she had always insisted on keeping them out of the spotlight.

Their marriage was rocky, particularly after Dick Van Dyke began an affair with the assistant of his agent, Michelle Triola. The covert affair began in 1976 and was revealed when Van Dyke, overcome with shame, confessed to Margie. Van Dyke’s settlement of six figures to Triola, who was involved in a dispute with her ex-partner, actor Lee Marvin, made matters worse. Their marriage became more strained as a result of these things, and on May 4, 1984, they filed for divorce.

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Margie never remarried and settled on the choice to carry on with a confidential life following their separation. Barry Van Dyke, her child, chose to seek after an acting vocation in a similar way as his father. Be that as it may, Dick Van Dyke married Michelle Triola, then following her passing in 2009, he married cosmetics craftsman Arlene Silver in 2012.

Five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, namely Alex, Ava, Gracie, Jane, and Mia Van Dyke, were among Margie’s offspring: Shane, Carey, Taryn, Wes, and Jessica Van Dyke. Pancreatic cancer was identified as Margie’s cause of death in 2007. She died.

Margie Willett Family

Christian, Carrie Beth, Stacy, and Barry were the four children that Margie Willett and Dick Van Dyke had together. It was devastating for Margie to lose twins in a miscarriage early in their marriage. Margie was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother to 10 grandkids and great-grandchildren despite her struggles.

Barry Van Dyke, their son, became an actor, carrying on his father’s career. Most well-known for his work on the television series “Diagnosis: Murder,” where he played the son of the character his father played, Detective Lieutenant Steve Sloan.

The married life of Margie Willett

After a brief courtship lasting about one month, Margie Willett and Dick Van Dyke were married in 1948. Both Margie and Dick battled addiction during their marriage: Dick with alcoholism, and Margie with prescription pills. Dick disclosed in his memoir, Keep Moving, that they went to the same rehab facility together in order to get assistance.

Their marriage faced a major challenge when Dick began an affair with his agent’s secretary, Michelle Triola. Though he kept the affair secret for some time, in 1976, Dick could no longer bear the guilt and confessed to Margie. The affair and its aftermath were further complicated when Dick paid Michelle a six-figure settlement related to her unsuccessful “palimony” lawsuit against her former partner, actor Lee Marvin—a case that popularised the term “palimony.”

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Margie found this treachery to be the last straw, and their marriage was dissolved in 1984. Margie stayed a private person despite the upheaval, opting to live a life hidden from the public following their divorce.

Margie Willett Rise to Fame

Margie Willett first met Dick Van Dyke in 1947 in her hometown of Danville, Illinois, long before he became well-known. After just one month of dating, their affection quickly blossomed and they became engaged.In order to be married, the pair relocated to Los Angeles, where they were wedded on February 12, 1948, live on the radio program Bride and Groom. They took the producer’s offer to pay for the wedding expenditures in exchange for broadcasting the event because they were having financial difficulties at the time. Their honeymoon was even covered by the same producer.

Margie and Dick had many difficulties in the early years of their marriage, including having to live in their car since they were too poor to buy a house. Their devotion to one another and their love for one another endured in spite of these difficulties. Dick fought alcoholism and Margie battled prescription drug addiction; they sought therapy at the same rehab facility.

Margie, who was married to a Hollywood star, tended to avoid the spotlight during their marriage. She prioritised keeping her life and their family normal and respected her privacy.

Margie Willett Net Worth

Margie Willett’s estimated net worth at the time of her death was $1 million. She led a nice life, despite not achieving the same level of popularity and notoriety as her spouse. Love and kindness were Margie’s legacy, and her family and others who knew her will always cherish it.

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Margie Willett was an American big name most popular as the ex of entertainer Dick Van Dyke. Brought into the world in 1927 in Danville, Illinois, she met Van Dyke in 1947, and they immediately became locked in. The couple wedded in 1948 in a radio station service, an answer for their monetary battles, with the maker covering their wedding and vacation costs. Notwithstanding Van Dyke’s rising popularity, Willett kept a position of safety, zeroing in on her family’s security.

Margie and Dick had four youngsters: Christian, Stacy, Carrie Beth, and Barry. Their initial years were set apart by monetary troubles and individual difficulties, including fixation that drove them both to look for help from the equivalent recovery office. Their marriage at last finished in 1984 because of Van Dyke’s unfaithfulness. After the separation, Margie decided to carry on with a confidential life until her demise from pancreatic disease in 2008. She won’t ever remarry.


  • Complete Name: Margie Willett
  • Birth: 1927, Danville, Illinois, USA
  • End: 2008, in view of pancreatic harmful development
  • Conjugal Status: Separated
  • Ex: Dick Van Dyke
  • Kids: Four – Christian, Stacy, Carrie Beth, and Barry
  • Grandkids and Extraordinary Grandkids: Five grandkids (Shane, Carey, Taryn, Wes, Jessica) and five extraordinary grandkids (Alex, Ava, Gracie, Jane, Mia)
  • Profession: Referred to fundamentally as a big name life partner
  • Remarkable Occasion: Hitched Dick Van Dyke live on the radio program “Lady and Husband to be”
  • Challenges: Monetary battles, fixation, conjugal treachery


Who was Margie Willett?

Margie Willett was the key companion of performer Dick Van Dyke. Together, they had four children after being married in 1948.

How did Dick Van Dyke and Margie Willett get together?

They met in 1947 in Danville, Illinois, and immediately became connected following a month of dating.

When did Margie Willett wed Dick Van Dyke?

They wedded on February 12, 1948, in a function communicated on the public broadcast “Lady of the hour and Husband to be.”

What number of youngsters did Margie Willett have?

Margie Willett had four children with Dick Van Dyke: Christian, Stacy, Carrie Beth, and Barry.

What were a few difficulties Margie Willett had in her marriage?

The couple confronted monetary challenges from the get-go and both battled with compulsion. Their marriage eventually finished because of Dick Van Dyke’s treachery.

Did Margie Willett remarry after her separation from Dick Van Dyke?

No, Margie Willett didn’t remarry after her separation.

How did Margie Willett pass on?

Margie Willett passed on from pancreatic sickness in 2008.

What were Margie Willett’s all out resources at the hour of her passing?

Her assessed total assets were $1 million.

How did Margie Willett deal with her significant other’s notoriety?

Regardless of her better half’s popularity, Margie Willett kept a position of safety and zeroed in on keeping her everyday’s life hidden.

What is an eminent reality about Margie Willett’s wedding?

Her wedding to Dick Van Dyke was supported by a public broadcast maker who paid for the service and vacation in return for broadcasting the occasion.

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