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Who is Milo Thomas Scott?

The world was greeted by Milo Thomas Scott in 2014 by none other than his well-known parents, Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani. Given his parents’ Celebrity status, it was only inevitable that news of his birth would surface. However, Dougray and Claire have insisted on keeping their child’s life hidden from the public’s curious eyes. Even though they are in the public eye, they are committed to giving Milo a childhood devoid of the continual attention that frequently accompanies being a celebrity. It’s their method of making sure he grows up content and grounded despite all of the glamour and glitz around them.

Milo Thomas Scott Bio

On December 27, 2014, a freezing day in the centre of London, UK, the globe welcomed Milo Thomas Scott into the world. In 2024, he is a vibrant 9-year-old who has every characteristic of a real Capricorn, including responsibility, discipline, and determination.

His parents, Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani, are to thank for his wonderful blend of English and Scottish ancestry. Born in the United Kingdom, Milo is also a proud citizen of the United Kingdom.

Though Milo’s family of actors may have exposed him to the glamour and flash of show business at a young Age, they have taken great care to ensure that Milo has a typical childhood. They have protected him from the relentless media attention despite their notoriety, letting him simply enjoy being a child free from the stress of the limelight. The most important thing is to give him the freedom to develop and see the world as he sees fit.

Milo Thomas Scott WIki

Full NameMilo Thomas Scott
Date Of BirthDecember 27, 2014
Place Of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Age9 Years
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
Famous ForDougray Scott & Claire Forlani’s Son
ParentsDougray Scott & Claire Forlani
Height3 feet 2 inches
Weight25-30 kg
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde

Milo Thomas Scott’s Educational 

Finding out about Milo Try finding a needle in a haystack, that is how Thomas Scott describes his educational history. His parents did a fairly good job of keeping that part of his childhood hidden, so who can blame them? Around this age, he’s probably just starting primary school and discovering the exciting world of studying anything from ABCs to 123s. Whatever the vague details, one thing is for sure: Milo’s parents are ensuring he receives the information required to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Milo Thomas Scott’s Physical Appearance

Milo Thomas Scott is a pint-sized dynamo, measuring up at 3 feet 2 inches and weighing in at a solid 25 to 30 kilograms. But what really steals the show are his mesmerising blue eyes and that cascade of blonde hair. With his sun-kissed hair, beautiful blue eyes, and pale complexion, Milo exudes a youthful charm that is difficult to ignore. His inherent appeal makes him radiate like a tiny ball of sunlight in every space he enters.

The Parents of Milo Thomas Scott Are Well-Known People

Milo Thomas Scott’s folks are none other than Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott.

English actress Claire Forlani is his mother

Born in the modest English town of Twickenham on a frigid December 17, 1971, Claire Forlani is an incredible actress who lights up big and small screens.

She made her debut in the mid-1990s, winning audiences over with memorable roles in movies like “Mallrats” and truly stomping the scene in 1998’s iconic “Meet Joe Black”.

Claire, though, isn’t one to limit herself to one platform; she has dazzled viewers on television series including “CSI: NY” and “Hawaii Five-0.”

Dougray Scott, his father, is an actor from Scotland

On a bright November 26, 1965, in the quaint village of Glenrothes, UK, Scottish actor Dougray Scott was born. On big or tiny screens, he always manages to steal the show.

His remarkable acting range was showcased in films such as “Ever After,” “Mission: Impossible 2,” and “Enigma,” which helped him establish a strong reputation in the past.

Nevertheless, Dougray has made a lasting impression on television as well. In particular, his compelling performance in the Scottish criminal drama series “Crime” earned him an International Emmy Award for Best Actor.

Dougray Scott, his father, was previously wed to Sarah Trevis

In 2000, Dougray Scott and Sarah Trevis made the decision to get married, but it’s still unclear what went wrong in their union and why they broke up. They have chosen to keep things quiet and have kept the specifics close to their vest.

After five years, their marriage collapsed, and in 2005, they called it quits. However, Dougray’s romantic history continued. He fell in love once more in 2007—this time with the actress Claire Forlani, to whom he eventually got married.

Half-twin siblings are Milo Thomas Scott’s

Milo Thomas Scott may not have any brothers or sisters from his parents’ marriage, but he’s got some pretty cool half-siblings from his dad’s previous relationship with Sarah Trevis.

Meet Eden Trevis Scott, born in 1998. She’s Dougray Scott and Sarah Trevis’s daughter, and she’s got a twin brother named Gabriel. Eden’s journey began with her parents’ divorce, and she’s always kept things low-key, steering clear of the glitz and glam.

Gabriel Trevis Scott, also born in ’98, is Eden’s twin brother and Dougray’s son. Growing up, he faced the ups and downs of his parents’ split alongside his sister. And you know what? Emulating his father, he has experimented with acting. His Dark Materials and House of the Dragon are two TV series you may have seen him in.

Is There Any Personal Social Media Presence for Milo Thomas Scott?

Milo Thomas Scott isn’t really making waves on social media these days. Makes sense, right? He’s just a kid, and his folks are all about keeping their family life under wraps. So, you won’t find him posting selfies or sharing his day-to-day adventures online.

It’s pretty typical for kids his age not to be all over social media, especially when their parents value privacy as much as Milo’s do. For now, he’s probably too busy having fun and being a kid to worry about what’s happening online.

Milo Thomas Scott Relationship 

Since Milo Thomas Scott is still a little one, there’s not much buzz about his relationship status – and that’s totally normal! At his age, he’s probably more interested in toys and games than romantic stuff anyway.

With his family being all about privacy, it’s pretty unlikely that Milo’s got any romantic entanglements going on. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. They’re just making sure he gets to grow up happy and healthy without any unnecessary attention on his personal life.

Milo Thomas Scott Net Worth

As of 2024, there’s no scoop on Milo Thomas Scott’s Net Worth. But hey, we do know a bit about his parents’ bank accounts!

His dad, Dougray Scott, has reportedly got around $5 million stashed away. And his mom, Claire Forlani, the English actress, is sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of $7 million. Looks like talent runs in the family!


  1. Birth and Family Background: Milo Thomas Scott was born on December 27, 2014, in London, United Kingdom, to his well-known parents, Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani, both renowned actors.
  2. Privacy: Despite his parents’ celebrity status, they have made concerted efforts to shield Milo from the public eye, ensuring he enjoys a childhood free from constant media attention.
  3. Ancestry: Milo is of English and Scottish descent, reflecting the backgrounds of both his parents.
  4. Education: Specific details about Milo’s education are scarce, as his parents have kept this aspect of his life private. However, it’s likely he’s just beginning his educational journey, exploring fundamental concepts in early schooling.
  5. Physical Appearance: Milo is described as a charming young boy with mesmerising blue eyes and blonde hair, exuding youthful appeal wherever he goes.
  6. Siblings: While Milo is an only child from Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani’s marriage, he has half-siblings, Eden Trevis Scott and Gabriel Trevis Scott, from his father’s previous relationship with Sarah Trevis.
  7. Social Media Presence: As of now, Milo doesn’t have a personal social media presence, in line with his family’s preference for privacy.
  8. Relationship Status: Given his young age, there’s no information available about Milo’s relationship status, which is perfectly normal for a child his age.
  9. Net Worth: While Milo’s net worth isn’t disclosed, his parents, Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani, have accumulated significant wealth from their successful acting careers.


Despite his parents’ notoriety, Milo Thomas Scott, who was born in 2014 to actors Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani, had a quiet upbringing away from the public eye. His parenting places a high value on privacy and normalcy, which frees him from the demands of growing up as a superstar. His family’s dedication to protecting him from unwarranted attention is evident in the secrecy surrounding his education and personal life.


What is Milo Thomas Scott’s date of birth?

Milo was born on December 27, 2014, in London, United Kingdom.

Who are Milo Thomas Scott’s parents?

Milo’s parents are actors Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani.

Does Milo have any siblings?

While Milo is an only child from his parents’ marriage, he has half-siblings named Eden Trevis Scott and Gabriel Trevis Scott from his father’s previous marriage.

What is known about Milo’s education?

Specific details about Milo’s education are scarce, as his parents have kept this aspect of his life private. However, it’s likely he’s just beginning his educational journey.

Does Milo have a social media presence?

No, Milo doesn’t have a personal social media presence, as his family values privacy and keeps their personal lives away from the public eye.

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