bobby debarge wife died

Bobby DeBarge’s Wife Dies: Reflecting on Loss and Legacy

Bobby Debarge Wife Died

When Teri DeBarge fell in love with Bobby DeBarge, a gifted American vocalist, her life took an unexpected turn. Bobby’s sudden death in 1995 brought grief to the media that had been enthralled with their romance. Teri, who met Bobby when she was just 15 years old, had to deal with the difficulties of being a mother in her late adolescent years.

Despite the heartache, Teri found solace and purpose in the Eentertainment Industry. She transitioned into a role behind the scenes, producing TV programs and movies that honored Bobby’s legacy. One notable project was the creation of the ‘Unsung’ TV program in 2008, which celebrated the lives of influential R&B and Soul Gospel singers.

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As she developed the Bobby DeBarge Story, a documentary that provided insight into her late husband’s life, Teri undertook a very personal trip in 2019. Working closely as an Executive Producer with Eric Tomosunas, Teri gave her all to tell Bobby’s tale to the world. On June 29, 2019, the movie debuted, providing a close-up view of Bobby DeBarge and the intricacies of the DeBarge family, including the traumatic memories of molestation and dispute. Teri carries on Bobby’s legacy and the enduring memory of their love story via her work.

Who is Bobby DeBarge?

The path of Bobby DeBarge, the charismatic vocalist and guitarist who won hearts as the lead singer of the legendary Motown group Switch, reflected the highs and lows of a life befitting a great artist.

Bobby was up surrounded by music, owing to his parents Etterlene and Robert Louis DeBarge, Sr., as well as his nine siblings.On March 5, 1956, he was born in Detroit, Michigan.

His musical journey began early, jamming with his younger brother Tommy in local bands and showcasing his incredible talent on vocals and instruments. But life wasn’t all melodies and harmonies for Bobby.

He was just 15 when he became involved in the web of addiction, a battle that followed him for years and ultimately resulted in a five-year prison term.

Bobby’s passion for music persisted despite everything. His beautiful voice and musical talents persisted, creating a lasting impression on admirers all throughout the world.

Bobby endured many hardships, but his music endures, serving as a constant reminder of the strength of love and tenacity in the face of difficulty.

Bobby DeBarge Early Life

On March 5, 1956, Bobby DeBarge was born in the thriving metropolis of Detroit, Michigan.   He was the son of Army soldier Robert DeBarge and Etterlene Abney, born under the sign of Pisces. Although Robert Louis was his given name, he would thereafter gain popularity and affection as Bobby DeBarge. Bobby’s early childhood was unfortunately marred by the violence he endured at the hands of his father.

In an attempt to start again, Bobby and his family relocated to Grand Rapids after his parents’ violent 1970s divorce. Bobby discovered his true calling in the midst of all the change. Despite the turmoil at home, he was surrounded by a large family, including nine siblings: Etterlene, Thomas, William, Mark, Eldra, James, Jonathan, Carol, and Darrell. However, details about other relatives remain elusive.

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In an attempt to start again, Bobby and his family relocated to Grand Rapids after his parents’ violent 1970s divorce. Bobby discovered his true calling in the midst of all the change. He and his brothers created bands and were heavily involved in the local music scene, demonstrating at an early age his natural ability to be both a fascinating vocalist and a talented instrumentalist.

Bobby experienced many hardships, but his music turned into a source of inspiration for listeners all around the world. He discovered a way to communicate the joy and suffering of his trip via his songs, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who heard them.

Bobby DeBarge Wiki

Celebrated NameBobby DeBarge
Age65 Years
Nick NameBobby
Birth NameRobert Louis DeBarge Jr.
Birth Date1956-03-05
Birth NationUSA
Place Of BirthDetroit, Michigan
FatherRobert DeBarge, Sr.
MotherEtterlene (nee Abney)
Death Date16th August 1995
Place Of DeathGrand Rapids, Michigan
Marital StatusMarried
WifeTeri DeBarge (m. 1990–1995)
ChildrenChristian and Bobby III
Cause Of DeathContracted HIV
Famous ForLead singer of the Switch
SiblingsBunny, Mark, Randy, El, James, Chico

Bobby DeBarge Height

Bobby DeBarge was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed around 67 kilograms.

Bobby DeBarge Personal Life

Teri DeBarge, also known as Teri Lee Gayle, attained widespread acclaim as the beloved partner of the deceased Bobby DeBarge, an American vocalist.

Over the span of six remarkable years, their tale of affection unfolded; Bobby passed away in 1995. They pledged their vows on December 10, 1990. At their initial encounter in the mid-1980s, Teri was a mere 15 years old while Bobby had already entered his early 30s.

Speculation suggests that Monique DeBarge, former spouse of El DeBarge, potentially played a part in uniting Teri and Bobby. Their bond brought forth two offspring, Christian DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge Jr. It’s worth mentioning that Bobby DeBarge Jr. and La Toya Jackson were once romantically linked.

In 2019, “The Bobby DeBarge Story” premiered, a 90-minute biographical feature crafted by Swirl Films for TV One’s esteemed UNSUNG series. The movie delves into Bobby’s life, portrayed by the adept Roshon Fegan, offering a poignant portrayal of his musical odyssey and personal tribulations.

Bobby DeBarge Career

Bobby Debarge embarked on his early musical journey alongside his brother Tommy, captivating audiences with their performances in local bands.

Subsequently, he teamed up with fellow vocalist Gregory Williams in 1975, their collaborative efforts attracting attention and leading to an audition for the Barry White group.

In 1976, amidst tax troubles, Bobby disbanded the White Heat singers. Undeterred, he regrouped with ten talented vocalists, forming the ensemble known as Hot Ice.

Their musical prowess culminated in the release of the album “Pall Mall Groove” in 1977, coinciding with Bobby’s struggle with cocaine addiction. Despite his personal battles, he pledged to his bandmates to overcome his addiction.

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With an album of the same name released in 1978, the group—aptly named Switch for their skill at switching instruments—made their stage debut. With the release of “Switch II” in 1979 and the gold-selling album “This Is My Dream” in 1980, their quest continued. 

However, Bobby’s ongoing battle with drug addiction strained relationships within the group, culminating in his departure in 1981 after the release of their fifth album, “Switch V.”

Meanwhile, Bobby’s siblings formed the group Debarge, while he embarked on a new venture with them, resulting in the release of the album “Bad Boys” posthumously in 1987, following his untimely demise.

Bobby DeBarge Net Worth

The wealth, income, way of life, and other particulars of Bobby DeBarge have recently changed. Let’s examine Bobby DeBarge’s level of wealth in 2019 and 2020.

As per sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and numerous online platforms, the esteemed R&B artist Bobby DeBarge possessed a staggering Net Worth of $92 million prior to his demise. His fortune was amassed through his illustrious career as a professional R&B singer. Originating from Michigan, Bobby’s talent and dedication propelled him to great financial success.

Who is Bobby DeBarge Dating?

Bobby DeBarge values his privacy when it comes to his personal and romantic life. If any new information on the relationship surface, we’ll update this article. Let’s look at some of Bobby DeBarge’s past meetings, relationships, and ex-girlfriends.  Bobby DeBarge opts to keep the specifics of his marital status and any divorces undisclosed.

Actively seeking romantic relationships with various people is what defines the dating stage of life. Unmarried Celebrities who have been sighted together are frequently referred to as “dating,” which implies that even if they have been spotted together, it is uncertain whether they are simply acquaintances, romantically linked, or something else entirely.

Bobby DeBarge Cause Of Death 

The esteemed artisan confided in his kin regarding his strife with HIV/AIDS prior to his confinement. Following his release from incarceration in 1993, he staged a resurgence in the realm of melody.

Bobby DeBarge had been grappling with complications stemming from AIDS since falling prey to the affliction in the latter part of the 1980s.

In the year 1995, the crooner’s well-being took a marked downturn. His kinfolk orchestrated his admission to a sanctuary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he ultimately breathed his last on August 16, 1995.


The gifted vocalist Bobby DeBarge’s wife, Teri, had many difficulties in life, particularly following Bobby’s sudden death in 1995.  Despite the difficulties, Teri found purpose in the entertainment industry, producing projects that celebrated Bobby’s legacy. Notably, she was involved in creating the ‘Unsung’ TV program and the documentary “The Bobby DeBarge Story.” Bobby DeBarge himself was a gifted musician born into a large family in Detroit. His musical journey was marked by successes with the group Switch but also by personal struggles, including addiction and incarceration. His life story continues to inspire through his enduring music.


Who is Bobby DeBarge?

Bobby DeBarge was a talented American vocalist known for his work with the Motown group Switch. He faced personal struggles with addiction and incarceration but left a lasting legacy through his music.

Who was Teri DeBarge?

Teri DeBarge was Bobby DeBarge’s wife, who played a significant role in preserving his legacy after his death. She was involved in producing projects like the ‘Unsung’ TV program and the documentary “The Bobby DeBarge Story.”

What was Bobby DeBarge’s cause of death?

Bobby DeBarge passed away on August 16, 1995, due to complications from HIV/AIDS, which he had been battling since the late 1980s.

What projects did Teri DeBarge produce to honor Bobby’s legacy?

Teri DeBarge was involved in producing the ‘Unsung’ TV program and the documentary “The Bobby DeBarge Story,” which provided insight into Bobby’s life and celebrated his contributions to music.

What were some highlights of Bobby DeBarge’s career?

Bobby DeBarge’s career highlights include his work with the groups Switch and DeBarge, where his musical talents as a vocalist and instrumentalist were showcased. He experienced success with albums like “This Is My Dream” before his untimely death.

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