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Who is Laura Ingraham?

Laura Ingraham’s odyssey alongside her offspring, Maria Caroline Ingraham, has unfurled profoundly poignant layers. Maria’s inception into Laura’s life delineates an extraordinary narrative, heralding from Guatemala in May 2005, and traversing her nascent years within an orphanage’s confines. Laura’s unwavering resolve to embrace Maria propelled her through an arduous yet inherently fulfilling odyssey. The culmination of bringing Maria home heralded an effusion of unadulterated elation for Laura, who traversed considerable lengths to surmount any linguistic chasm, even delving into the realm of Spanish to foster enhanced communication with her progeny.

Presently, Maria teeters on the cusp of maturation, meticulously priming herself for the echelons of academia as she nears the denouement of her scholastic tenure. Laura finds herself inexorably ensnared by a pang of melancholy at the prospect of Maria’s forthcoming emancipation, a sentiment reverberating with myriad parents as their progeny burgeon into independence.

Notwithstanding the inevitable skirmishes emblematic of adolescence, Maria and Laura have meticulously forged a resolute maternal filial bond over the annals of time. In contemporary epochs, they ardently anticipate each other’s company, eagerly exchanging anecdotes and engaging in colloquy regarding the day’s proceedings. Laura finds solace in the plaudits extolled upon Maria’s upbringing, as they assuage the gnawing vestiges of parental self-doubt.

Their narrative serves as a poignant exemplar of the omnipotence of affection and fortitude, underscoring that kinship transcends mere consanguinity, epitomizing the bonds we cultivate and nurture throughout the passage of time.

Laura Ingraham Biography

Laura Anne Ingraham is a well-known radio talk show host, political analyst, and author.On June 19, 1963, she was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The main source of her fame was her talk program, “Laura Ingraham Show.”

As of the middle of 2017, Laura Ingraham’s financial status drew considerable attention. According to reliable sources, her net worth was estimated to be around $45 million at that time. This substantial sum reflects her prosperous career trajectory, which has seen her excel in various professional domains. Notably, her annual salary was reported to be an impressive $15 million, indicative of her significant contributions and influence in the media landscape.

Laura Ingraham Wiki

Full NameLaura Anne Ingraham
Nick NameLaura
ProfessionTV Host and Author
Age30 years old
Date of Birth29th June 1963
Zodiac/Sun SignGemini
Current AddressWashington, D.C.

Laura Ingraham Education

Laura Ingraham concluded her secondary education at Glastonbury High School in the year 1981. Following this, she proceeded to Dartmouth College, immersing herself in the realms of English literature and Russian studies. In 1985, she proudly graduated, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree.

University/CollegeDartmouth College
Highest QualificationBachelor of Arts

Laura Ingraham Height

The individual’s height measures 166 centimeters, which is equivalent to 1.66 meters or approximately 5 feet 5 inches when converted. Regarding weight, they weigh 59 kilograms, which is about 130 pounds.

HeightCentimeters: 166 cm, Meters: 1.66 m, Feet: 5’5”
WeightKilograms: 59 Kgs, Pounds: 130 Lbs

Inside Laura Ingraham’s Family

Michael, Nikolai, and Maria Caroline are the three children of Laura Ingraham, who is a loving single mother. Between 2008 and 2011, she gave them all up for adoption, giving her all in their upbringing. Laura has great affection for her family, especially her late father James Frederick Ingraham, who was in the U.S. Navy during World War II and went on to have a prosperous career at Pratt & Whitney following a period of service in the U.S. Forest Service. Anne Caroline, her mother, was a dedicated waitress who sadly passed away from lung cancer in 1999.

Growing up, Laura shared her life with her three siblings: James F. Ingraham IV, Brooks M. Ingraham, and Curtis U. Ingraham. While she cherishes her bond with her siblings, there are differences in viewpoints, especially with her brother Curtis, who holds liberal beliefs and is openly gay. Despite their political disagreements and public spats, Laura emphasizes the importance of family and continues to support Curtis, as well as rely on her other siblings for assistance in her role as a single parent.

Parent’s NameFather: James Frederick Ingraham III
Mother: Anne Caroline
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Children (Adopted)Son: Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter
Daughter: Maria Caroline

Mother’s scandal

Laura, the famous host, is actually pretty drama-free. She hasn’t found herself tangled up in any big controversies that hit the newsstands. She’s all about keeping her personal life under wraps, which is why she’s known for her laid-back and controversy-free style.

Has two adopted brothers and sisters

Sure thing, sorry about that. Nikolai is the baby of the family, as I mentioned earlier. His mom, Laura Ingraham, first adopted his big sister, Maria Caroline Ingraham, from a Guatemalan orphanage when Maria was just three years old, back in 2008. Laura often talks about how adopting Maria was one of the most meaningful experiences of her life. Then, in July of the following year, Nikolai’s mom brought home his little brother, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, from Moscow, Russia, when Michael was just 13 months old.

Laura Ingraham Personal life

Ingraham, whose dad is an editor at LifeZette, is really something special academically. Laura’s been there for him in a big way, giving him all the love and support he might have missed from his biological folks. Back in 2011, Laura brought Ingraham into her family from Russia, taking on the role of a single mom and making sure he, along with her other two kids, had everything they needed, thanks to her gig on TV. Ingraham’s got quite the list of hobbies too. When he’s not hitting the books, you’ll find him busting a move, grooving to tunes, diving into a good read, letting his creativity flow with paint, taking a dip, binge-watching TV, or gaming. He’s also all about exploring new places and soaking up the beauty of nature. And hanging out with his loved ones? It’s his preferred method of passing the time.

Laura Ingraham Career

When Laura Ingraham started working for the Reagan administration in the late 1980s, she took her first steps towards a career in politics and the media. She is currently very busy getting her start in journalism as an editor at The Prospect, a conservative student newspaper.

Laura tried her hand at politics, but she was drawn to the legal profession. While working as a legal clerk for the US Court of Appeals, she graduated from the University of Virginia College of legal in 1991. She later had the amazing chance to work with Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court, earning priceless experience in the process.

Building on her legal background, Laura made a move to the corporate world in New York City, where she made a name for herself as one of the rising stars in conservative circles.

But Laura’s true passion lies in the media. Her big break came in 1996 when she made her debut on MSNBC. From there, she hosted various shows until finding her home at Fox News in 2008. Starting with “This Just In,” she eventually landed her own show, “The Ingraham Angle,” which quickly became a hit, ranking among the top cable news shows in the country.

Laura, nevertheless, is well-known not only for her work on television but also for her voice on the radio. Upon debuting on television in 2001, “The Laura Ingraham Show,” quickly rose to the top of the American talk show rankings. She has persevered in engaging with her audience through her podcast and other channels, even in the face of setbacks like a cancelation in 2018.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s Net Worth

Saying Laura Ingraham hasn’t made it in her career just isn’t true. His mom, Laura Ingraham, is actually a well-known TV broadcaster, pulling in a hefty $40 million net worth and pocketing around $15 million every year. Her success comes from being a host and editor, which gives her tons of insider info. Unlike some folks, she doesn’t have other side hustles or businesses to bring in extra cash.

Who Are Laura Ingraham’s Children?

McLean, Virginia, is home sweet home of Maria Caroline Ingraham, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, and Nikolai Peter Ingraham, Laura’s children. As they grow up, Laura finds parenting both easier and more challenging. Sure, there are fewer diapers to change, but now there’s social media drama, teenage crushes, and school stress to deal with. Despite the rollercoaster, Laura feels incredibly blessed to have her kids and makes sure to thank her lucky stars every day.

Laura values her children’s privacy above all else, although she periodically shares tidbits about their lives, including pictures and anecdotes about their misadventures and distinct personalities. The key is striking a balance between protecting them and allowing a small glimpse of their humanity to the outside world.

Are Laura Ingraham’s Children Adopted?

The road Laura Ingraham initially intended to take to become a mother did not pan out. She, like many others, had planned for the conventional path of marriage and children, but when circumstances demanded another, she followed her heart and went for adoption since she was a child at heart.

Her adoption journey led her to Guatemala for her first child and then to Russia for her second and third. It wasn’t an easy road—Laura faced heart-wrenching moments where birth parents hesitated about a single mom raising their child. But she stayed strong and persevered, and in the end, her love triumphed.

Laura is now a fervent supporter of adoption, utilizing her position to raise awareness and motivate those who are thinking about adopting to overcome the difficulties. She stresses the value of conducting in-depth research and being resilient throughout the procedure. She has also urged nations to put children’s welfare ahead of politics and spoken out against the use of international adoption as a political instrument.


  1. 2010 saw the birth of Nikolai Peter Ingraham in Russia. 
  2. He is the youngest child of Laura Ingraham.
  3. Nikolai has two adopted siblings: Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham.
  4. Laura Ingraham adopted Nikolai from Russia in 2011 when he was just 13 months old.
  5. Nikolai currently resides in McLean, Virginia, along with his siblings and mother.


Nikolai Peter Ingraham is the youngest child of Laura Ingraham, a prominent figure in conservative media. He was adopted from Russia in 2011, joining his two adopted siblings, Maria Caroline and Michael Dmitri. Currently residing in McLean, Virginia, Nikolai is focused on his education and various hobbies.


Who is Nikolai Peter Ingraham?

Nikolai Peter Ingraham is the youngest child of Laura Ingraham, a well-known television broadcaster and political commentator.

When was Nikolai Ingraham born?

Nikolai Ingraham was born in Russia in the year 2010.

How many siblings does Nikolai have?

Nikolai has two adopted siblings: Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Where does Nikolai Ingraham currently live?

Nikolai resides in McLean, Virginia, along with his siblings and mother.

How did Laura Ingraham become Nikolai’s mother?

Laura Ingraham adopted Nikolai from Russia in 2011 when he was 13 months old.

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