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Dianna Russini Husband, Bio, Education, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth And More

Dianna Russini Husband 

Kevin Goldschmidt is the go-getter spouse of Dianna Russini. Born on June 6, 1985, he was raised in both Pennsylvania and New York. Following his 2007 financial science degree from Penn State University, Kevin set out on his mission. He then plunged fully into the finance industry, getting a position at SEI where he spent a significant amount of time managing account operations analysts.

Moving to AmerisourceBergen in 2013, Kevin made the decision to change things up and gained even more financial clout by accepting a position as a pay analyst. However, Kevin’s desire for novel experiences brought him to Aramark in 2015, where he accepted the challenge of working as a paid senior executive analyst.

In 2018, Kevin returned to AmerisourceBergen as the manager of executive compensation following a fruitful tenure at Aramark. But as life is full of surprises, Kevin made the decision to leave his little town and travel to the busy streets of New York City in 2019.

As a senior manager in the Total Rewards division, Kevin has been making waves at Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters since October 2019. His path demonstrates his desire and drive and proves that everything is achievable with perseverance and hard effort.

Who is Dianna Russini?

Sports writer Dianna Russini’s career has been an interesting journey. Her love of sports began during her childhood in Norwood, New Jersey, following her birth on February 11, 1983, in the Bronx. She was a formidable athlete in sports including softball, basketball, soccer, and others.

George Mason University recruited her to play soccer, and she played there for four seasons, starting 51 games and scoring seven goals. After graduating from college, she entered the journalism field and joined WNBC in New York City as the youngest correspondent.

She then traveled to the West Coast to work as a sports reporter for CSN Northwest in Seattle. But what actually made her famous was when she joined ESPN in 2015. She provided NFL fans with insider coverage and knowledgeable analysis for almost ten years, making her a household name across the nation.

Dianna did, however, make the significant choice to depart ESPN and join The Athletic in August 2023. She didn’t think there were enough prospects for advancement at ESPN, even though the firm tried to keep her by giving her a raise. She wanted to grow in her profession, but she didn’t think ESPN offered her a clear route there.

Dianna’s tale is one of tenacity and love for her work. She has demonstrated that it is possible to succeed in the cutthroat field of sports writing if you put in the necessary effort and persistence.

Dianna Russini Biography 

Dianna Marie Russini was born and reared in New York City, and she has always loved sports. At Old Tappan High School in New Jersey, she managed to blend her love of sports with her growing interest in journalism. Having succeeded in basketball, soccer, softball, and track and field, she was named an All-State athlete in four different sports. Dianna had unquestionable skill on the field, whether she was winning track titles or captaining her school’s basketball team after three years of play.

Dianna attended George Mason University to complete her education after high school, when she enrolled on the football squad despite having never played the sport before. She committed herself to practice, driven to get better, and soon she advanced through the ranks to be selected for the first division squad. She demonstrated her versatility and drive by playing forward for the university’s soccer squad by her sophomore year.

Dianna was successful in sports, but her love of journalism never faded. She started pursuing her interest by assisting the school’s media team, and she subsequently managed to land internships at nearby radio stations. But it was the terrible September 11 events that made her decide to dedicate herself entirely to journalism.

Dianna started a career in News reporting after earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Before making her mark at WNBC in New York and Comcast Sports in Seattle and Portland, she served as a newsreader for News 12 Westchester. Her path finally brought her to ESPN, where in 2015 she was cast in the highly sought-after position of sports anchor, a role she still has to this day.

Dianna’s tale serves as an example of her tenacity and adaptability as she successfully balanced her love of athletics with journalism, eventually achieving success in both.

Russini’s Education 

Sports and Dianna had a long and romantic relationship. In softball, basketball, soccer, and track, she was almost a one-woman squad at Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan. Plays, practices, and treasured memories spent with teammates made up the hectic world of high school.

Following graduation, Dianna went to Fairfax County, Virginia’s George Mason University. After deciding to concentrate on soccer there, she dove deeply into the thrilling world of collegiate athletics. She continued after that, though. She ventured into sports media during her free time, securing internships with Comcast and other networks in between matches and school.

As a Student Sideline Reporter at Comcast from 2003 to 2005, Dianna got a taste of the fast-paced world of sports journalism. Juggling interviews, game coverage, and term papers was no easy feat, but she embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Little did she know, those early experiences would shape her future in sports broadcasting, setting her on a path to success.

Dianna Russini Age

The talented sports reporter and expert Dianna Russini will be 41 years old in April 2024. She has shown tenacity, commitment, and an enduring love for her work throughout her exciting career in sports writing. Russini has been reporting NFL events for more than ten years, and her skill and professionalism never cease to astound her listeners.

Dianna Russini Height 

The adored sportscaster Dianna Russini is five feet eleven inches tall and exudes confidence with each stride. She weighs about 127 pounds, which is indicative of her slim form. But despite her little stature, she is a charismatic and talented powerhouse.

Her fair-colored hair falls gracefully over her shoulders, casting a gentle, attractive glow around her face. Those hazel eyes, too? They shine with warmth and resolve, almost like windows into her soul.

Dianna’s dimensions are 25-35-35 inches, with just the correct amount of curves in all the appropriate places. It demonstrates her dedication to preserving both her physical and emotional well.

Dianna is a captivating presence on the field or in the studio thanks to her unforced beauty and contagious spirit. She is more than just a sportscaster; she is a formidable presence who captivates crowds everywhere she goes.

Dianna Russini Family

Dianna Russini’s family is very important to her; they inspire, love, and support her. Her parents, Rick and Camille Russini, have been her unwavering supporters and role models. She is their daughter. Nicole, Dianna’s sister, and with whom she has been friends since childhood, have a strong relationship. Her younger brother’s identity is still unknown, but the family moved to Norwood, New Jersey, where they established a loving home full of treasured memories and love. Without a doubt, Russini’s family has played a significant role in her life and helped mold her into the extraordinary person and reporter she is today.

Dianna Russini’s Mother

Dianna Russini, the vivacious sports reporter that we all know and love, was born on February 11, 1983, in the Bronx borough of New York City. She has a strong bond with her family, particularly with her devoted parents, Rick and Camille Russini. Talking about her parents, who have always been her staunchest allies and life’s role models, makes Dianna very happy. 

Dianna Marie Russini, who goes as Dianna Marie, is a proud American who embraces her ancestry and roots. She had a unique relationship with her siblings as a child. Her sister Nicole has been her co-conspirator from the beginning, even though her younger brother’s identity is still unknown.

The Russini family moved to Norwood, New Jersey, together, and they created a house full of love, laughter, and countless memories. Dianna’s family undoubtedly has a central place in her life and has shaped the amazing person and reporter she is today.

Dianna Russini Personal life

Dianna Russini’s private life is a colorful tapestry of joy, success, and love. She is wed to Kevin Goldschmidt, a senior manager at the corporate office of Shake Shack. They have a wonderful connection that has supported them through the highs and lows of life. The couple welcomed their two children, Michael Andrew and Joey, into their household. Dianna’s love for her family is evident in the way she enjoys each minute spent with her spouse and kids, forging enduring memories and strengthening the bonds that bind families together. Dianna finds contentment in her personal life’s warmth and love, which surpasses her professional accomplishments. She joyfully embraces the joys of children and partnership.

Are there any kids that Dianna Russini has?

Dianna and Kevin secured the bunch in the pestilence in 2020, and the next year saw the introduction of their most memorable youngster, denoting another part in their life. On August 8, 2021, their little joy, Michael Andrew, showed up, gauging a solid 7 pounds, 9 ounces and estimating 20 crawls long. Fervor going through her, Dianna posted a charming photograph of Michael to Instagram while going wild over about how astounding this second was and the way that it surpassed her assumptions.

The fact that Michael and Dianna’s father share a birthday added to the significance of Michael’s arrival. Dianna experienced a deep sense of emotion as she commemorated her father’s birthday and her son’s birth, fostering a lovely generational bond.

As their family continued to grow, Dianna and Kevin celebrated their second anniversary with a dose of humor, jokingly noting the pattern of welcoming a new baby every year of marriage. Dianna couldn’t help but share her mom’s playful admonition to stop adding to the brood, but deep down, she cherished every moment of their expanding family.

Then, on October 11, 2023, Dianna excitedly shared the news of their newest addition, son Joey. She reflected on the unwavering support she received from her late Grandpa Joe and how Kevin has been her rock, always believing in her abilities. With each new arrival, their family bond only grows stronger, filled with love, laughter, and endless blessings.

Dianna Russini Career

Following graduation, Dianna started working as a reporter for News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley in 2007. It was her first experience breaking into the media field, where she discovered her love of telling stories and learnt the ropes.

Following her path, she ended up at NBC Connecticut, where she worked as a sports and news journalist. Dianna covered important stories there, including the aftermath of a gunshot scene and the Boston Marathon bombing. It was a demanding yet gratifying experience that demonstrated her skills and commitment.

Dianna left NBC in May 2015 to take advantage of a fresh opportunity at ESPN. Her ambition came true when she was hired as an anchor and correspondent for SportsCenter. Dianna made a name for herself on ESPN with her contagious energy and perceptive analysis, frequently making appearances on shows like “Get Up!” and “Sunday NFL Countdown”. She truly stands out in the field thanks to her dedication to sports writing and her passion for it.

Dianna Russini Net Worth

Dianna Russini’s true Net Worth is $5 million, not the inflated $30 million that is frequently stated, despite what you may read online. Her lucrative work as a sports writer, where she was paid a fair income, is the source of her fortune.

Dianna supposedly makes about $300,000 a year as an ESPN columnist. She can live serenely and enjoy the aftereffects of her work due to her responsibility and difficult work.

Dianna’s successful career path has made her wealthy and well-known. There are benefits to working for one of the best sports networks in the business, ESPN, and Dianna has definitely taken use of them. Her accomplishments are a tribute to her skill and commitment, and she is a real example of the benefits of hard effort.


  • Dianna Russini: Born on February 11, 1983, in the Bronx, Dianna Russini is a well-known sports reporter, particularly recognized for her NFL coverage.
  • Early Life and Education: Russini grew up in Norwood, New Jersey, displaying prowess in multiple sports during her high school years, including basketball, soccer, softball, and track and field. She attended George Mason University, where she played soccer and pursued a degree in journalism.
  • Career Path: After college, Russini ventured into journalism, starting with News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley before moving to NBC Connecticut. In May 2015, she joined ESPN, where she gained prominence as a sports anchor and correspondent, providing insider coverage and analysis for almost a decade.
  • Transition to The Athletic: In August 2023, Russini made the significant decision to leave ESPN and join The Athletic, citing a desire for career growth and advancement opportunities.
  • Personal Life: Russini is married to Kevin Goldschmidt, a senior manager at Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters. They have two children, Michael Andrew and Joey.
  • Net Worth: Russini’s true net worth is reported to be $5 million, mainly attributed to her successful career as a sports writer, particularly during her tenure at ESPN.


Who is Dianna Russini’s husband?

Dianna Russini is married to Kevin Goldschmidt, a senior manager at Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters.

How many children does Dianna Russini have?

Dianna Russini has two children: Michael Andrew and Joey.

Where did Dianna Russini start her journalism career?

Dianna Russini began her journalism career at News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley in 2007 before moving to NBC Connecticut.

Why did Dianna Russini leave ESPN?

Dianna Russini left ESPN in August 2023 to join The Athletic, citing a desire for career growth and advancement opportunities.

What is Dianna Russini’s net worth?

Dianna Russini’s true net worth is reported to be $5 million, primarily from her successful career as a sports writer, notably during her time at ESPN.

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